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  1. I have been fishing beaver creek all summer and have been having good luck for short periods of time, and then catching nothing for the longer periods of time. I tried fishing for smallmouth for the first time this past weekend, and i caught a ton of them, but only a few of them were of good size. I caught tons of baby smallmouth and suckers. Does anybody know a great area to catch smallmouth that are a little more size-worthy? Also, what are some other good lures that work in the creek? I caught all my fish on rooster tails, and when i tried using spinners and crankbaits, i didn't even get any hits. I start fishing off of sprucevale rd by Hambletons mill and walk down the creek. Some great locations near this, or even somewhere completely far away from this would really be appreciated. Thank yoU!
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    are you sure they weren't rockbass you were catching? the rockbass chill out in the shallower water under larger rocks. smallmouth are found a little deeper in runs and at the mouths of pools also in slack water offering cover. Your best bait will always be 3" tubes in black, pumpkin seed or olive. gitzits are the ticket. jig em slow like toss it let it sit for 30 sec bounce it let it sit for 10 bounce it. this method is deadly in pools of slow water. ROck bass are to river smallmouth what bluegill are to largemouth. Easier to catch but still fun.

  3. good, thats great...because i just bought some gitzits tonight. I'm going to head back again this weekend. Thanks for the advice!
  4. The area around Grimm's Bridge (outside Calcutta) always worked well for me. Fish according to ryosapien's advice above.

    One lure I would add is a 2-3" twitching minnow for fishing in early and late in the day. Some nice smallies can be caught in the shallow bushes, wood and undercut banks in this stretch using the twitch bait.

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