Beaver Creek conditions?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by relap77, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Could someone please tell me if Beaver Creek would be fishable/wadable tomorrow (8/12/08) in the state park area near Lisbon/Rogers?
  2. went over it today at work across sprucevale and it seemed really low but that was just the part i could see from the back of the van but it seemed low from what i could see

  3. Thanks for the report.
  4. Procraftboats21

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    very low and smallies are pushed in the holes. well be there tomorrow afternoon....
  5. stormfront

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    couple of guys that i work with were there sunday and said the same. had to push and drag the canoes at times.
  6. Fished the Little Beaver this past Saturday evening and Sunday morning in the Grimm's bridge area. Water is definitely low and slow. Only caught 1 sauger on a 4" Powerworm. Couldn't buy a strike on topwater lures, spinnerbaits, or other plastics. Even my go-to jointed Rapala didn't produce. It will get better!!