Beautiful mosquito Lake Pike

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  1. Well during my Norton Series Tournament yesterday, I had a very funny and actually enjoyable experience...While working a rattle trap around Dan's marina...I had the pleasure of watching a 28 to 32 inch Northern Pike SMASH my trap right at the boat...It was clear water so I was able to "see him coming" The fight was fun and he was released unharmed....what I could not get over was the "beauty" of the fish...I have caught Pike from Highlandtown Lake to Lake Champlain in Vermont and can't say I have seen a "pertier" Pike!!! This fish had some serious "purple" coloration blended in. I am so sorry that I did not have my camera with me....what a "shot" it would have been. Is this color pattern common in Mosquito? I never really noticed it in Pike I have caught in other places? Anyway, Just thought I would share....

  2. I've caught muskies with a purple hue to them but never a pike. However some ( smaller) pike at West Branch are like silver with the faint yellow spots while others are green with yellow spots.

  3. I caught a smaller pike (around 23") at Dan's Marina on a spinnerbait about 2 weeks ago with the same purple hue. Congrats on the sweet fish!
  4. The cool thing was there was a smaller one with it....They both came like a flash for the "attack". It was really cool to watch!!!!


  5. see . thats what I was talking about.. they are in West Branch.. I thought they were small muskies until I looked closer and saw the spots and counted the pores under the jaw.. also had rounded fins

  6. Boy do I regret NOT having my camera...Crap!!!!!!!!! It certainly was beautiful...He/she was released unharmed so maybe, just maybe somebody will get another shot at catching it....

    Good Luck