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  1. can anyone recommend any bear recipes? my brother got a spring bear in canada and wants to pawn off some meat, he says he doesn t like it. I hear that spring bear meat often has parasites from hibernation. any safety precautions other than making sure it is fully cooked?
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    I've always heard bear is like good beef. That's from someone in AK. Never had it, but I'm thinking cook like beef ?

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    I had bear once and it was the toughest meat I've ever eaten. Wasn't gamey, just chewy as all get out. It was grilled over an open fire, thin fillets.
  4. I've had bear jerky once, tasted like jerky. It was pretty good but you could soak a shoe in a good brine and smoke for a day or so and make a good jerky. I would like to try it some other way than jerky.
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    My uncle sold his house shortly after cooking a bear roast..... It was so bad his wife refused to live there .... joking ... they said it smells awful kind of like cooking a garbage can ... but they ate it... he killed it with a bow and therefore they ate it
  6. Use it for catfish bait, it's nasty. I have tried it several times, fixed in many different ways and it's never been any good. I would prefer possum, muskrat or coon before the bear.
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    The parasite is Trichinosis. Not really a threat anymore. Cook it in a crock pot with vegies and it is pretty tasty.Intenal temp of 170 and you will be fine.
  8. Probably the most delicious meat I have EVER had in my life.

    I had Braised Bear Ribs.
    I will find the recipie for you from the N.E. Bowhunters Assoc. and Sportsmans club in R.I.
    Later men. :mad:
  9. I've had bear roast, it was excellent! Like bobk said do then crock pot thing.
  10. Roasted Loin with Potatoes and Carrots
    - Bear loin
    - 1 head cabbage
    - 10-12 lg. potatoes
    - 10-12 carrots
    - Lawry's seasoned salt
    - 1 pkg. bacon
    - Fresh ground black pepper
    Soak loin in cold water overnight as to remove as much blood as possible. Season loin with seasoned salt and black pepper. Wrap slices of bacon around loin until covered and sprinkle with black pepper. Cut cabbage into quarters. Place bacon wrapped loin in roaster pan and cover with cabbage wedges and add about 1 cup of water. Bake covered at 375 for about 4 hrs or until cabbage starts to cook down. Remove cabbage and discard. Add carrots and potatoes cover and cook for another 1-2 hours until vegetables are done. Uncover for last 30 minutes of cooking time. You may need to add a little water from time to time during cooking time. :D
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    Dear Bulafisherman;
    I am an outfitter in Ontario, Canada and am very experienced in the bear meat. I burger all my bear meat except for the ribs. There are good rib recipes out there. For the burger, just substitute it for any hamburger recipe and enjoy. You can do any slow cook recipe and you will be fine. It is an aquired taste that way and I have just not aquired it. The meat is very lean, all the fat is beteen the meat and hide so if you try any BBQ or fast cook method, you are not going to like it. As far as the "parasite" goes, it is trichinosis, not related to hibernation but related to pork. Pigs and bears are omnivores. You can cook like pork for a long time or simply freeze @ -5 farenheit for 20 days, that kills it so you can then have it the way you want. I have my burgers juicy after that.
    Hope this helps, Kered.
  12. Some forms of roundworm are reistant to freezing