Be Safe Tonight

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by RichsFishin, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to be careful tonight. Don't Drink And Drive............Rich
  2. Happy New year to everyone!!! remember a Taxi is MUCH cheaper than a DUI!!!

  3. jeffmo

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    and alot safer for everyone!
    oh yeah,happy new year!!!!!!!
  4. what is everyone doing for new years eve? we're keeping it clean, family fun. Taking the children to a square dance to listen to a back porch swing band.

  5. Not sure, we(the family) were going to make Tamales tonight, but did it Saturday. Made 56 dozen, sure glad they freeze well, we were shooting for 40 dozen.

    Maybe just sit around eating Tamales and watch a few dvd's.:) My daughter gave me two Musky fishing dvd's for Christmas, may just watch them.

    Don't think I'll be on the road, the foolishness has already started here in N.W.Ohio.:(
  6. Gju42486

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    definitly, be safe and enjoy the nuts out there tonight. See you next year
  7. corndawg

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    We’re staying home and playing games with the kids tonight. They're still too young to go out on their own but old enough to get bored quickly. 3 board games, 6 movies, x-box 360, PSP, pool table and a foosball table. Plus some shrimp, crab and other assorted crap to much on. Of course there’s also some Grey Goose chilling in the frig for the old man. Harry New Year everyone and for those headed out, be careful and have a designated driver for the ride home.
  8. steelmagoo

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    I'm working till 6 or 7 tonight. The wife and I are staying home, daughter is going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra in Cleveland. I'm having a couple 7&7's, some shrimp and other finger foods. I'm not driving anywhere, it's amature night. Happy New Year to everyone!
  9. ezbite

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    SQUARE DANCING!!! you call that KEEPING IT CLEAN??hahaha, just kidding woodys, have fun.:D

    everyone be safe. im staying home and cooking up some walleye and backstraps.
  10. misfit

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    i'll be sitting here at home remembering all the years i did go out partying,and glad i'm too old for it now:D
    nowadays it's amateur hour for sure,and i can't deal with all the nuts:eek:
    maybe i'll get a little crazy and crash the pizza party that the tenants in my building are throwing:D
  11. seethe303

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    staying in with the girlfriend.

    drinking some Belgian Trappist Ales that are usually a lil too pricey for us. I love some good beers. IMO its much better than the champaign people will be drinking tonight.
  12. got a bottle of Bicardi a shrimp ring and a tv. boring but safe.if you live in montgomery county use that free cab ride home. 449-9999. free cab ride home.
  13. NUM1FIRE


    u are right catfish hunter a taxi is alot cheaper than a dui . plus u will feel awhole lot better than if a firefighter like me has to get up 2:30 am or so in the morning and has to come get u out of your vehicle because u crashed it. or even worse have to wait forever for the coroner to show up. and then i find out u are a ogf memeber u will wish u called a taxi or had a designated driver or stayed at home. so yes please be safe and drink responsiably