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  1. Columbusslim31

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    For all fellow health industry workers and essential employees that have to work today, please be careful. Leave as early as possible. I left an hour and a half earlier than I needed to and arrived at work a half hour early. Luckily the only trouble I had was getting stuck in the parking lot. Having a shovel and/or cat litter handy should go without saying. Once again, be careful and have a safe trip.
  2. Wannabitawerm

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    South of Lorain, here we go, 8:18am, 10 inches at least, drifts up to 4 feet and counting...

  3. ice slick in dover!!! lots of snow/rain mix...its ugly!!!
  4. CoolWater

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    It's a white out in Huron. Of course that could just be snow piled against my window and I can't see out. :D

    Man I wanted to fish this weekend :(

    So what's everyone gonna do with the day?... Might be one of those good tackle organizing days...
  5. About 1/2 to 1 inch and a little ice here in Gallipolis. It has started snowing again so maybe we will get a little bit more later today. I hope not.
  6. Toxic

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    What normally takes me a 1/2 hour to get home last night, it took me over an hour to get home. Two semi's, and a car off of the road. Traffic was a stand still for a short bit. We had 7-9" last night and this morning itl ooks like another 3" or so.
  7. hearttxp

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    Yep for once the weather people got it Right !! Great day to lay on the couch, have a beer or two and watch the snow come down. Hopefully this will all be gone in a few weeks ?? Come on spring !!!
  8. A few pics taken about 30 mins ago. If it wasn't for that darn wind I'd try heading out to the store this morning. Anyone in the Delaware area know if kroger or giant eagle is open on Rte 23?

    In the 1st pic is a migrating flock of red winged blackbirds that decended on my feeder.


  9. Giant Eagle down by polaris is. Just got back. rode the snowmobiles down. Sherif in the parking lot told us that Delaware is now a level 3 and he could techinically arrest us for being out. We headed home, the long way. There is nothing like doing 60MPH on africa road in 8 inches of snow.
  10. 10 inches in moraine. and my newspaper is buried in the snow somewhere.
  11. Thanks Dave. I decided to stay indoors today. The weather took a sharp turn for the worse starting about 10am, as I'm sure you're aware. Enjoy.
  12. ran the john deer snow blower here at the apt compex i work had to go in first gear the whole time......i got soaked.....but the anti freeze is kickin in ;) ........i kept sayin to myself i will not complain about 90 degrees ever again lol........well atleast the kids are lovin it.......mid
  13. ezbite

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    talked with a few friends on the phone this morning and they ALL told me i was LUCKY....? we only got 7" or 8" of snow here in warren, so they said im lucky. funny, i dont feel so lucky after just spending the last 2 hours clearing that snow. i guess it could be worse. ive had enought of this crap and im sure its not over yet, easter storm still to come:)

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  14. 2talltim

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    we got about 13" here and its still snowing...i started a thread to post all your snow pics.
  15. Toxic

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    Since they are never right anyway, I guess were screwed for the rest of the year. LOL
  16. Wannabitawerm

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    After all is said and done, I would guess we got in the neighborhood of 14" plus. Serious drifts goin' on and I'm goin' to punch holes at Wellington!!!
  17. mrphish42

    mrphish42 locators dont lie pic. of redwings.......had some,a few days ago at my feeder here in Portage Co......... After the last couple of days and appx. 18 inches of snow and lord knows how much deeper drifts....... redwings are (or should be) sorry that didn't get their Greyhound "ticket" punched for a quick exit before this storm hit........Oh well, by June it will all just be a memory......