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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tom G, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Early last week a member (bigbassin07)and i talked on here.I asked when he was going to be at the Rock and we could meet. He said he dont meet people cuz you dont know what they are like. So then he sent me a private message asking me if I wanted to share spots , I give him one then he would give me one. I said ok. Well i gave him a spot ( a average one ) and when he was sure he knew where i ment he stopped sending me messages. So becareful if you chat with him. I sent him 3 messages asking for a reply and have not heard from him.
  2. that my friend is why i dont share my spots to much but to tell you the truth my #1 spot is in my back yard on the muskingum river and if they think they can get past the dog and ol'lady they are more then welcome to fish there.....hahahaha......but if they ask nicely and promise to bring the drink i can send the ol'lady shoppin and chain the dog on the real note here that guy needs to live up to his word and give up a spot or just stop asking for a spot and find them on his own

  3. Thanks for the heads up Tom. You don't normally hear about that sort of thing happening here. Seems pointless when you stop to think about it.
  4. Sharing spots is fine. Maybe he hasn't gotten back with you yet, or maybe you're right... You never know.

    I would hope that folks are up front and honest about sharing info. Just have to get to know folks better. Personally, if I can help someone catch fish, I will. I may not give my best spots away, but I'll put folks on the path at least to catching. After I get to know folks better, I may take them to the spots personally. It's the least I can do, as lots and LOTS of folks have done the same for me.
  5. BIgbassin07
    Last Activity: 10-29-2007 11:27 PM

    ...the plot thickens. :D
  6. I didn't check his last activity... I guess I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
  7. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    maybe hes out fishing your, just kidding. i hope its just a mix up,but thanks for the heads up. if you want to fish my spots, ill have to show you. 15 miles out is pretty far:p
  8. Tom,

    Hopefully, there was some type of mix-up (timing, work, etc...). If not, then lesson learned. But remember, the majority of the members are not like that. We are always happy to reciprocate information.

    PS...tell us all of your hot spots...we'll post people at each to see if he shows up...;) ;)
  9. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    I just sent ya one of my Steelhead spots to make up for that guy being a jerk.
  10. NUM1FIRE


    i would call that a leasson learned. if that was me i wouldnt of sent him a pm with one of my spots. and i agree not everyone on here is like that. and on my end i offered a open seat for this past weekend on the ohio river and i had someone send me a message asking how far i was from cleveland and what i was going to be fishing for. and to me it sounded like they wanted to go. so i sent them a message telling them what i would be fishing for and also asked them what they wanted to fish for. i sent my message on 10-27-07 and never receieved one back and their last activity was today at 11:50 am so i know they got my message. so i call it a lesson learned for the later on. and i have met a few people on here and none of them are crazy or at least that i know of lol
  11. hha nice to know that im a student and dont have time to sit on here all day but now i see how people are on here im definately not sharing my info with a poor 30 yr old MAN who cries about a kid who has school work and cant go on here day and night ....shame you all jump to conclusion
  12. u should still follow your agreement. dont blame school on something that could of taken u 30 seconds to reply once u got the message.
  13. Man none of my business and really don't care too much. But look at your post history Bigbassin 95% of them are question about where to fish at a river, lake the work, take a walk, cast a line. It's all part of the fun of fishing and good excercise...these guys hold their spots pretty sacred, so get out and find your own, then maybe you can answer some of the questions that you've asked in your last 40 posts when someone else asks...
    I'm 35 and poor, well like maybe lower middle class if such a thing still take it with a grain of salt.
  14. NUM1FIRE


    and how long did it take u to post that bigbassin07? and u havent been on here since last week and they have school during the week and on weekends now 24/7 ? man am i getting old, school has really changed. like a few have said call it a lesson learned and go to his profile and click on ignore and u wont have to worry about bigbassin07 anymore
  15. somebody tries to help you out by giving you information that you were too lazy to go and find out yourself, and you come back with a reply like that? grow up.
  16. considering the place he gave was one i new about anyways...makes no sense to give one back.....and you guys trying to pick a fight over a fish... dont tell me to grow up look in the mirror pal
  17. NUM1FIRE


    and that was a reason not to send him a message back? sounds good to me problem solved
  18. BigBass, you are the number one reason I and others don't share spots. Obviously you are too young and too immature to understand. You should have given him at least a response, maybe he did not know you knew about that spot already! Everyone on here has been young before, starting out fishing, asking questions, but I would say the majority of the guys on here took info with respect and are now giving info out because we were all in your shoes. Instead of asking for spots, ask if someone needs a fishing partner for the day and go with them to their spot and learn to fish and look for your own spots.
  19. I don't generally share spots that are 'off the beaten path' unless streamside or via PM with someone who I have fished with. I shared a "sort of" public spot on the old site, only to find the poster (who doesn't post here anymore to the best of my knowledge) provide exact directions to the spot along with pictures. This is a spot that's close to being posted at times due to folks littering and tearing up the roadside access. Putting it out for all to see caused a major bump in folks fishing there for the next couple of weeks, to the point of not having anywhere to park during the morning hours. One tore up the some of the property to the point where they nearly closed the area and posted it.

    Best way to share spots is streamside. If you want to show someone a good area, make 'em work for it a bit. Use two cars and walk from one access to the other. Lets you cover more water while showing off some nice areas in the stretch.

    I was thinking about posting a picture of the 'liquidsoap' hole, but thought better of it... :D
  20. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    I would just be waiting at the spot you gave him and take out his knees.
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