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Be Careful!!!

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Big Daddy, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. I went out and fished Long today. Was more of a check up and I just happened to have my stuff with me...LOL

    There was about 4 inches of ice, the top 2 were bubbly and white but not slushy, the bottom two clear. No water on top, but sort of scary. I'd say, a pucker factor of 6. 6 turns of the auger and I was through.

    Caught several dink gills. There were 4 other guys out there doing the same. They had a couple decent fish.

    Not sure if I'll go out in the AM. Going to be real iffy, especially after the temps today.

    Oh yeah, WATCH THE EDGES!!!!
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