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  1. Guys, if you listen to the weather band on your radios they issued an ice break off warning for the lake! They said the ice has a HIGH probability of breaking off this weekend or coming week because of the south winds at 35mph and the 55 degree days we are supposed to get. It also said fish at your own risk and if you get trapped on a moving ice sheet, have all the rescue/warning equipment with you including flares and such.

    Please, we don't need to see someone on the news from here. I don't think getting a walleye is worth your life!
  2. To late a bunch of guys stranded of Crane Creek today!!

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    Yes I heard the same thing a little while ago ! No one rescued yet ? But the ones out there where driving towards Catawba to get on since that Crack by the shore opened up too much to get around Crane Creek . Hope everyone gets Off safely !!!
  4. Yep, here is the latest!

    NOAA is reporting that people are stranded out by port clinton and they are performing ice rescues right now! People have lost all kinds of vehicles and equipment also!