Be careful out there

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  1. Thanks for sharing that was an interesting story.

  2. So sorry about that guys but I got suckered! It turns out this was a post from site where they put it up as an April Fools joke and what I saw was where someone had re-used it without the disclaimer at the bottom. I did find, however, a credible site that listed a shark attack off Chicago in Lake Michigan in which a kid lost his leg. They figure it had to be a Bull Shark. I wouldn't doubt it. They've been up the Mississippi all the way to Alton, Illinois.
  3. Comes up every year or two. It's not true. The boy who lost his leg...not true (at least the fact it was taken by a shark). I think Snopes had some stuff about it, the latest story I thought was a shark in the Minneapolis area. Remember the uproar the Montauk Monster had for months while people slowly came to the realization it was a decomposing raccoon? Many credible sites listed that as a prehistoric monster, then many of the same ones showed the remains of a "real" bigfoot.
  4. when I was doing a species list for the ohio river basin bull sharks were included, however, there will probably never be another one very far up the mississippi due to the lock and dam system. that list btw also included things like pirranah and a good bunch of other fish that are probably never going to be seen in the river again. im not to worried about them, its more likely(honestly) that you will be attacked by a caimen or alligator in the little miami river than a shark anywhere in the ohio river basin, and I doubt the 3-4ft aquarium escapes will go near a person