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  1. Well two BCS games are down and they were both terrible. USC blew out Illinois and Georgia is steam rolling Hawaii now. Would have been nice to see Missouri in the Sugar Bowl rather than Hawaii. Hopefully the upcoming BCS games will be more interesting.
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  3. This was not a game it was a beating!
    GA 41
    HI 10
  4. These matchups stink for the most part.

    I would have much rather seen USC against Georgia or Oklahoma or Virginia Tech in any combo.

    Hawaii, Illinos, Kansas (who robbed Mizzou) and West Virgininia would have been better matcups in any combo as well.
  5. Tonights game looks to be a little more interesting. WVU is up 13 at the half. Should be an interesting 2nd half.
  6. Well the WVU game was another lopsided victory. I am happy for the kids on that team. They have been jerked around recently with the whole coaching debacle and they were able to overcome all of that.

    Hopefully we will get a more competitive game tonight but I won't hold my breath for it. I have a feeling that Kansas is in over their head and that VaTech is going to dominate.
  7. That's a good assumption. Though last nights game was lopsided, it was still fun to watch (except for all the penalties). WVU is a real fun team to watch when they are on fire like that.
  8. It wasn't nearly as lopsided as the one the night before. (Hawaii) :eek: That was one of the most lopsided ones I have watched in a LONG time.
  9. i definatly have to agree with you guys...those first 2 games were terrible...USC should be playing in the championship if Booty would've stayed healthy..
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  10. So much for my VaTech domination prediction.:rolleyes: Actually I can't understand why they played that game the way they did last night. They shoved the ball down Kansas' throat when they made up their mind to run the ball. That drive at the end of the first half should have told their coaching staff all they needed to do to win the game. Instead they came out in the second half trying things that their team is not that good at. Their QB is not a top notch player and to ask him to win the game by going downfield constantly was just the wrong call. I think Beamer was out-coached in that game, or should I say he out-coached himself.:rolleyes: It didn't really matter to me who won but I was just very puzzled by the way it played out.

    One more to go. Hopefully this last one will be the best one of them all.:)
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    Which QB was throwing downfield? They played two of them, didn't they?
  12. today someone mentioned brandon ore skipped practice the day before and sat the first quarter so thats why their running game was shot...how much truth to that?
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  13. I believe it was Glennon that was taking the shots deep but neither QB was very effective and they both threw interceptions. I believe Glennon threw 2 and Taylor one. Even aside from the interceptions they had what I felt were way too many shots downfield as opposed to playing a controlled attack with the run game and short play action. It just did not seem to play in to their team's strength.
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    He was suspended for the first quarter but not sure why.