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    my fishing buddies in cleveland are raving about the cat fishng off the bayview bridge. tell me it's a hot spot so i don't waste gas and bait money running over there....$thanx in advance for responding
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    I fish there every now and then, but I wouldn't say any of my experiences have been worth 'raving' about. The area does give up good numbers of fish at times, and even a :B now and then.

    Honestly, I can't hardly stand to fish there as much trash as there is - it's an eye sore of a pigsty. I took a full size trash bag there once last year thinking I could make a difference - yea - made it through exactly one of the areas down to the water between the shrubbery.

  3. bassmaniac

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    I used to fish there quite a bit, sheepshead and some perch in the fall was all I ever caught there. If I go shore fishing up there now, it's to the Port Clinton pier or to Catawba State park.
  4. You will probably catch your fill of catfish by the railroad bridge if you can bring a boat. Put in at Sonny's Beach (first exit after the Edison bridge and then follow the signs.) and run over passed the draw bridge. Go about 1/2 way between the bridge and the south cut and throw an anchor about 40 yards off of the tracks. Use your favorite catfish rig and cast towards the tracks. It's a great spot and your friends were not pulling your leg. I don't fish from shore there anymore for the same reasons Coolwater said. There is usually such a mess there that I get too ticked off to enjoy my fishing time.
    I won't get on a soap box over it right now though, but the disrespect people show for the environment there makes me sick! The question was: "Is this a hot spot?" Well, BigMha... I agree with your buddies, it IS a hot spot. I would just fish from a boat.

    It's a 10 minute run to the bridge from Dempseys's access, if you chose to launch from there. Good luck!
  5. BigMha

    BigMha QQn 4 that "ONE" big fish

    appreciate the responses...i make it a point not to leave trash arounnd when i fish and it's a shame that a few knuckle heads can mess up an area for the rest of us....thanx again guys
  6. I fished bayview on the 4th, only 1 cat all day. From past experience the bite seems to end with the mayfly hatch. We caught lots of white bass and perch though. May and June seems to be the best months.