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Bay Shore?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by litlwolf23, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Has anyone been out to the Power Plant on the outlet? If so is anything happening out there with the eyes or the steelies? Thanks ahead of time for any info.

  2. Went Out A Couple Weeks Ago,check My Post About 10 Lines Down. Going To 40 Sunday Might Try Again.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Let me know if you are gonna go out there for sure, I don't think I am doing anything Sun.

  4. i m coming up to toledo this weekend my make a stop on sunday. maybe i ll see u guys i ll be shorebound.
  5. I'll let you know Dave, most likely I will head out mid morning. Dress warm that water is nippaley LOL :)
  6. Mid-morning would work for me. I just found out that I am flying to Dallas Sun eve., have to be at the airport around 4:30 :(
  7. Dave,check your e-mail.
  8. Josh, come on down the more the merry-er as they say. I think I'm gonna rig up a bobber with wax worm on it and see what happens , also the old Carolina rig with floating jig twister tail stand by. Lets hope the weather helps us out.
  9. Went to Bayshore this afternoon till sunset. Coooolllldd...... North wind did not help. Water was being blown back into the discharge, water very murky.
    I just used my carolina rigs and came up nada. Waves and high water kept me from venturing very far out.
  10. Well the forcast does not look good for Sunday. Its going down to 9 Sat night and that will be the wake up temp. The high is now 35 instead of 40. Tuff call ? :confused:
  11. Has anyone gottin out there as of 2-28-05. I am just wondering if anyone got out there this weekend and if the plant is pumping out warm water yet. And if anyone was out there how are the fish doing?
  12. I did'nt go out to cold for my blood. With the snow coming down as I type I won't be out this wknd either. I'm getting a little upset with mother nature. March 20th SPRING BEGINS I'll believe it when I FEEL it. I did manage to get to MEIJERS out on Woodville for some great deals on all the Rapalas in stock any were from 15-25% off the marked down price.