Bay Pond last night(weedy one)

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  1. I fished last night and caught a nic Lg mouth on a green senko with lg green/chartuse flake (new color got em at Cabelas Mon night) The only bad thing with this story is I almost did'nt make it home. The fish got caught up in all the weeds about 10-20 ft from shore and like a dumb!@# I went in after it. Well under all them weeds is quick sand muck, very scary, very stupid, waist high water leeches on me and dnr watching 45 minutes later I make it out with a 4-5lbder. I'm thanking the man upstairs this morning I was really nervous for a awhile last night. DNR got a good laugh and a new FISH STORY.
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    Sounds like you had fun. And the DNR guy was right there??? Did not offer help?? Then again, I guess he would not want to get wet! :D

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    Hey MR M where's Bay Pond ?
  4. Maumee Bay State Park (in Oregon). East Curtice rd.