Battery Leak?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Steelwolve, Apr 1, 2008.

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    I left my batteries out in the garage during the winter and didnt fully tend them like I should have, I only charged them once in November and they sat till now, My ? is one of them has 2 caps on top to view fluid levels (I think), and around the caps there is a oily looking substance which I assume is battery acid from where it froze and leaked out the top. It has not reached the terminals, Does that mean its dead and recycle it or should I wipe it off and charge it? I want to be sure before I try to charge it, Hate to have the thing blow up on me. It was new from Walmart last year. Thanks
  2. Clean the top of the battery. Always keep the battery clean especially between the two terminals. Then if the liquid level is low in the cells add distilled water as needed. Charge battery and test to make sure it holds charge. A fully charged battery will not freeze. At least in Ohio.

  3. If the water level is above the plates in all cells, you shuld charge and then top off water. If you top off and then charge it may boil over.
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    sulfuric acid is oily. what you have is probably pure acid that is left after the water inside semi-froze and overflowed on the top of your battery and evaporated(IMO). clean it off with baking soda, fully charge the battery and put a load on it. im thinking its still good. ive used walmart marine batterys for several years now and im pleased with their toughness to freezing temps. ive looked at other brands, but for the price, i just stuck with the walmart ones. i try to buy a new one every year and just rotate it. the new one becomes my primary battery and the one from the year before becomes secondary. anyhow, all you can do is clean it, charge it up and see what happens.