Battery Heated Clothing??

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  1. Has anyone tried any of the battery heated clothing out there? What is your opinion of it? I have had motorcycles all my life and know this stuff works well for that but you have a 12 volt battery with an unlimited power supply. Was just curious what the battery life is ect..., Pros vs Cons.
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    Can't answer for the coat and pants thing, but the socks and gloves suck, unless it stays 40 degrees and above. Bought them back when I first started ice fishing, used once or twice and found out they are practically useless! Now with modern technology, things may be much better!

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    tried the socks and they sure did suck, part diabetic so need to keep those tootsies warm any suggestions out there?
  4. TOASTY TOES foot warmers!!! i wear 1000 gr. rocky boots that are great but after 5 hr or so my toes start to chill...put in a pair after 2-3 hr out and i'm good the rest of the day!!
  5. Ive got pretty bad circulation myself. Try a pair of Mickey Mouse boots. Ive had mine for years and will never buy another pair of wool socks. Ive gone out barefoot in them to the same effect! WARM FEET!!!! I have the old military white ones. The type where you can add air to them for comfort I guess. Not sure if other boots are the same!
  6. After I hit 60 my hands and feet became cold fairly quickly. Mickey Mouse boots worn with a regular cotton sock solved the feet problem. The $20 electric gloves were useless as all the elements were in the palm and none in the fingers. I checked out heated gloves in shi shops and found out that the heating elements were also run down through the finger area which really worked on the pair I tried on. I decided to pass on buying them when I saw the price tag of $80!!!!!:eek: I opted for a quality pair of mittens and a fleece lined hand muff. The muff worked good for sitting on a deer stand but wasn't practical for ice fishing. Solved the ice fishing problem by getting a shanty and a heater.:)
  7. Seems like I get a pair of electric socks every couple years ,just got a new pair this year they will go in the garage sale this spring