battery charging on electric only lake?

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  1. besides an on board charger, what is the best way to charge a battery while in use. i have a 13 ft aluminum boat that i use on electric only lakes, and want to be able to get the most out of my time on the lake by not having to deal much with batteries. i had planned to use 2 batteries and, while using one have the other on a solar panel charger to recharge it . however i have been researching the panels and have learned that they are not meant to charge a dead battery, but i am not sure if they will recharge a partial/used dead battery. any suggestions? maybe a good battery to use? and how much do the newer trolling motors that claim to "use the battery more efficiently" work?
  2. I have heard that solar panels are designed to "maintain" and not charge batteries when not in use.
    Always use the largest deep cycle battery you can afford (900-1000mca) As far as trolling motors go: Minn Kota makes a series of electrics with the "maximizer" system. This system is designed to get up to 40% more out of each charge.
    Another thing about motors to keep in mind is that when the motor heats up it draws more electricity. If you can operate your motor on a lower setting without affecting your fishing then you should do so.

    IDEAL SITUATION for your boat: 55lb thrust minn kota Maxxum with your choice of 900+mca battery. -and run the motor at around 50%. You'll easily be able to run all day but this is an expensive setup!-Good Luck, Gabe

  3. Before I got my new boat, I had just a 35 lb thrust trolling motor on my 14 ft semi v aluminum. I would take it to Stonelick and Hargus lakes (both electric only lakes) I ran it off of 2 batteries all day and was just fine. I had 4 total batteries in my boat to run the motor/livewell/fish finder/bilge/lights. Never once did I run out of power.

    Like musky said if you run on a lower setting than the highest on your trolling motor you should be ok.
  4. Always run one batt for elect devices. Fishy finder,lights ect... The other two for the motor. The other thing I used too do was turn the head of the elect motor around to mount on the back of the boat. Makes it easier to steer and uses less juice pushing instead of pullin your boat. Also It pays to plan your trip accourding to the wind. After trollin Berlin and WB with a elect at night I watched myself because I was alone!
  5. Dex-

    I have run EM only tournies for almost 10 years and have seen most everything possible to give an advantage to staying out on the water.

    The solar stuff I have seen to date (this may change soon) is expensive for what it does- which is a maintenance type low amp charge. I wouldnt expect much boost from it during a day of EM only boating.

    The maximizer stuff you inquired about has validity but based only on the fact the motor is an "infinate" variable speed- that essentially is the maximization spoke of.

    Best simple scenerio for EM boats for a long day on the water:

    1.Get as big pound thrust motors as finances allow- possibly even a 36V.

    2.Use no smaller than 8ga. MARINE grade wiring.

    3.DO get 31 series batts of whatever brand you decide and maintain them as recommended.

    Keep in mind some physics as you go and make adjustments with weight, you can tune up a 14'er to run 6 possibly 7 miles per hours- full gear.