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    hello, new to the site was in the process of purchasing a new trolling motor battery(2) was wondering if anyone has tried out the optima trolling fury 2 d34 side by side.pretty pricey. But wondering if anyone has used them and if they like them thanks....
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    Don't know anything pro or con about Optima. Optima may offer more time on the water between charges. Maybe others that have one will throw in their .02.

    Having spent several years on a large boating forum and reading the responses of the participants, the consensus is that batteries in general last on average about 5 seasons no matter what brand or how much you spend. The exception is the "no-name" el-cheapo... buyer beware.

  3. I thought about the opima's but it looks like I could replace my lead acid type two or three times before the price of one optima. So if I buy three lead acid batteries over the course of 12 years (4 years each battery ave. life) Would the optima last 12 years for the same amount spent? Something to kick around anyway.
  4. Welcome to OGF adp15! I was also considering Optima batteries when it comes time to replace them. I would send a PM to Clappert (on this site) and ask him what Gander Mountain might have thats comparible. Tell him I sent ya! I buy most everything I need through Gander. Hope this helps. :B
  5. the one nice thing about optima batteries is they will last you all day on a charge. i use ever start batteries from walmart and they are fine but i have to change them more frequently. you have to decide do you want to save some money, or not have to switch batteries all day?
  6. Get the big (32 series) Crown or Trogan lead battery. I do believe gander sells them. If you get the Trogan, make sure it is the deep red (purple) one and not the one with the Minn Kota name. Do not buy a battery right now as they will have been sitting for a couple of months. Buy the freshest battery you can. Check the date or ask. If you live near Akron go to Manda's and have Phil get you a fresh Crown. He is great on warrenty. I run a 40lb foot control with a 14 ft fiberglass boat, and I have never killed a battery in a day.