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  1. Anybody had any crazy experiences with bats? I fish at night alot and they are definitley attracted to spinnerbaits flying through the air. Had some get frighteningly close to my face and tick the line a few times. The old wives tale about bats getting tangled in hair seems kinda tangible to me. One of my biggest fears really. Has yet to happen to me in many hours of casting at night but i am a longhair and i could see how it happens. Stories?
  2. A bat can tell if an insect is too big for it to eat while it's flying through the air using it's on board radar. I'm sure there has been a freak occurance or two where a bat has accidentally nicked someone with it's wing. Be assured that your every day sober bat does not think of you as food, and will not land on your head and try to eat you. It is more interested in mosquitos and moths.

  3. Bats are grate, they eat tons of mosquito's a night. They aren't going after you but they are after the bugs that are flying around you at night. Your like a dinner bell. !%
    In the summer we sit in our back yard and watch them feed. Its fun and teaches the kids that their not bad animals.
    In the early spring and late fall we get calls at the FD to remove bats from houses. People don't understand that their just coming in to get warm, they end up getting stuck inside the house and cant find their way out. If you just close off the room their in and open all the windows, they'll find their way out. If they are on the ground flopping around day or night they may be rabid and should be put down. But if their flying around the room in circles their probably OK. People freak out when we catch them in a sheet and take em out side and let them go.:)
    Sit back and watch em they sure are fast!

  4. ...all i can think of is cujo
  5. I've had bats in this house since we moved here in 1963. I have no idea where they are getting in ? ? Never harmed any and have always managed to C&R them. Only real problem was when the wife had a bridge party and one decided to make an appearance. Talk about the sasquatch post sound wow ! !

    Wonderful animals, a little ugly around the face but they have a nice soft coat.

    I'm not quite sure but I think they "winter over" here ?
  6. two years ago my friend caught one while we were night fishing. it got tangled in his line. the bat wasn't happy about it, but we got it free and away safely
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    coming in at dusk after a day's fishing at pymy, my buddy start ducking and fidgeting in the front of my boat. i yelled up and asked him what was wrong. he yells back.....bats. i tell him bats have radar and aren't going to run into him. 30 seconds later, one hits him in the head and knocks his hat off...........never say never. started calling him bughead after that.
  8. :) started calling him bughead after that. Good One :)

    Slip bobbers -- The bats are always hitting my ESB slip bobbers.
    The ESB’s are flat on top and I tie my own bobber stops and leave about an inch or so extra string sticking out, to tighten the knot. I think them little bats see that extra string as some kind of bug.

    Late evening, early summer, this past year.

    Was working a leech on a slip bobber on the wind blown side of a local upground reservoir. Took one of those hits where the bobber just kind of lays down a bit as the fish moves up the water column with your bait.

    I reel in the slack and make a long sweeping strike with the 10ft slip bobber rod. Darn I missed him, hey what the heck is that swimming around my bobber, hell it’s a bat. He must have hit my line.

    That bat is about 45ft off shore flopping aroung in the water and I’m trying to get the bat to grab onto my bobber so I can get him up on the rocks so he wont drowned.

    I think it was my second or third cast at the bat, no sooner had my bobber landed behind it the water just blew up and the little bat was gone.

    I continued to fish for Walleyes but maybe should have switched to the ambassador and a buzz bait because fluttering bats on the surface, were for sure on the Large Mouth Bass menu.
  9. Thought I was gonna start a post called 'Bats in my belfrey' but it looks like I've already been beaten to the punch.

    Seems we have a team/family/posse of bats taking a liking to a gap in our covered porch. Before I pay some other doofus with a broom to come and spray foam to fill the gap, does anyone have any other ideas/experience? I was hoping to watch them all leave in the evening and then fill the gap so there are none left behind and they cannot return.

    I'm a fan of bats in general...we have a bat box perched in a nearby locust tree on our property, but I'm not fan of them taking flight when we're hanging out on our covered porch in the evening. Nor is my wife.
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    i had one flying around in my living room 2 days in a row, i freeked out the first night because i was sleeping on the couch and his fly by woke me up, i caught him with a flannel shirt, just threw it up over him on one of his fly bys. took him outside a let him go, he kept making a high pitched ticking noise. the next night he was back, i didnt freek this time, just used another shirt to C&R him, i think this shirt was dirty, because he never came back:D

    ive had thm come close to me at night but never close enough to hit me.
  11. I've dealt with bats for years, as a homeowner and remodeling contractor, and now I'm a health inspector. Many of our Ohio bats are small enough to get through some pretty tiny openings. Take a stack of three quarters and look at it edgewise. That's about all the opening size they need, and if you seal them out of a space (attic, overhang, wall, whatever) they'll look almighty hard to find another way in. Canned foam applied after they have flown out can keep them out, but you need get every little hole and crack, and it can be messy if you aren't careful. If you have a lot of them around, consider putting up another bat house before sealing out the ones in your porch. And make sure you get all the cracks all around the outside of your house.

    If you ever discover one in your house, or otherwise need to handle one, do it very carefully. Ohio Dept. of Health has some links to good info here:

    If you encounter a bat, post-exposure treatment (PET) may be needed if there is any possibility of exposure to its saliva (getting bitten or possibly scratched, or allowing any saliva from a rabid animal to contact mucous membranes or open wounds on a person or other mammal) and the bat either tests positive for rabies, or is not tested for whatever reason. PET isn't anything like the scary stories we've all heard about like getting a bunch of shots in the abdomen, but it's very expensive (can be several thousand dollars) and must be done whenever there is exposure but no lab verification of negative for rabies. I don't mean to be alarmist, because it really is pretty rare, but rabies is one disease that you don't mess around with. If someone really is exposed to it by a rabid animal or untested possible rabid animal, PET must be started before any symptoms start or you're toast.