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Bassmaster's OPen at Sandusky, Lake Erie.

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by TritonBill, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Yesterday was the start of the BassMaster open that runs through Saturday. They are launching out of Sandusky and are confined to Ohio waters. There were some impressive sacks weighed in yesterday on day one! There were around 6 ohio anglers near the top of the list!

    Great job if any of you guys were in that top 10!

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  2. MAKtackle

    MAKtackle your REEL friend

    Weights were DOWN!!! Only 2 sacks over 20lbs. Those fish are
    S C A T T E R E D ! Scalish did make a good rebound with 21lb today. We'll see how the rest of the weigh in go's but not to good so far. Regulars on Erie were week today with 10lbs each...(Balog, Clapper). Still hopin a local wins it! With Canada borders off limits You won't get the huge sacks but with the knowledge that's out there the weights should still be better.....But that's fishn'