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Bassmaster Classic On ESPN - Not fishing to Me

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by troutcar, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. This past weekend I saw for the first time the Bassmaster Classic on ESPN.
    Flash and show like it is a WWF event almost.

    I was left with a feeling of that isn't the values of fishing I want to convey to my children. I wanted to post and ask what others think of an event such as this.

    It just isn't what I believe fishing should be. Based on the full capacity crowd shown screaming, I may be in the minority but that doesn't dilute my opinion.

    A large auditorium with screaming fans as a fish is held high, sometimes still flipping as it is still alive. It really makes me cringe that this is what so many believe fishing is or have accepted as "that's OK".

    Is so opposite to me of a quiet stream with my children or a friend, catching a fish and letting it go to live another day.

    Any one else feel this way? Or do you think the complete opposite of me?
  2. They Put All That Show On For The Sponsors..its Necessary To Do That So They Can Give Huge Payoffs..not Normal Fishing Of Course...hopefully Most Fish Will Live..

  3. I kind of enjoyed the show. They drag it out some but they also make it suspenseful, keep you on the edge. I also really enjoyed the old BassMasters when it was just plain fishing. They used to show a lot more fishing and now its more sponsor related. Two different BassMasters formats and productions between the old B.A.S.S. and the new B.A.S.S. under ESPN.

    I can understand your point of view, in some ways I share it.

    Rest assured those fish live for the most part, they take extreme care of those fish and do all they can do to return them to the water. This classic show is an extreme case where they travel much farther with the fish than normal too(between the lake and the weigh-in).
  4. I am sure that no one really wants the show to be taken in a bad light. But, it is big business and they need to make it exciting and glitzy. So far, I haven't seen one that can hold my attention on the TV tube. But when they put that funny guy to work, it certainly helped.

    It sure looks to me that it would be a blast to participate in any capacity. If you look at it as a celebration of fishing, then maybe it isn't so bad. But I would hope that the memory you are preserving is the first priority in the heart of the fans and players.
  5. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    As crazy as it was, I think we all for a second thought what it would be like to be in any one of their shoes for a minute. Sure it's over the top, and has gotten very IN YOUR FACE, but the sport is evolving, and starting to target a younger, more aggressive audience. I think that being progressive like that will only help the longevity of the pro side of the sport. Imagine if they start having cheerleaders :D
  6. catking

    catking Banned

    I was on the Santee Cooper water ways when the Bassin Guys were there in March. Kevin van Dam was around and a few even stayed in our area. They even paylaked us a couple times while we were carping. When we explained that they was about to get a good old fashion southern butt whippin, they moved on. But a few wanted to hear about the carp and how we were fishing for them. All were good people. CATKING
  7. AndroDoug

    AndroDoug Duke of Bucketmouth

    Catking ( or anyone else ), what does the term "paylaked" mean?

    You said they paylaked you a couple times. Never heard that term before.
  8. It's interesting to watch, that's for sure.

    Working in TV, I know what it takes to put on an event like that behind the scenes. This Classic was LIVE, the whole final day, with reports from the lake, pre-pro'd stories(which they could have used more of, because they played the same ones over and over again) and it sure isn't an easy thing to do. A lot of times, it looked like the commentary and cast by cast was forced because the guys had little to talk about. With events like that, when you try to do too much, it can make the whole event suffer. They were close to that, but I still watched. Trying something new and different as far as competitive fishing goes is a good thing. They just need to work out some of the kinks and make it smoother. The logistics of an event like that are ASTOUNDING though.

    I can see how you'd think it's not "fishing" as you know it, but from a competitive standpoint, they did a fine job.
  9. Hey Doug, "paylaking" is when some dude comes in and tries to crowd in on the spot where you are fishing; especially if they think you are catching fish there. If you ever go to a paylake and actually catch a nice fish, everyone else in the lake will be crowding you out of the spot before you get the fish landed :) Of course it happens on non-pay lakes all the time too.

    I rarely get paylaked, guess I need to start catching some better fish :rolleyes:

  10. I watch as the contestants bounce the bass into the bottom of the boat, carry them around all day in the livewell, then lay them into a plastic container and keep them out of the water for several minutes. I wonder what the actual chances of survival really is. :confused: Too bad they don't have an observer on each boat to weigh the fish on two separate certified scales and the make the angler call whether to keep or toss and live with it. Would be a lot better for the fish and a real tough call challenge for the fisherman. :D
    I know several studies have been made with varying results due to the body of water fished, but what chance of returning to known feeding areas does a fish have which has been transported 10, 20, or in excess of 50 miles?
    Transplanting of whitetails has a very low survival rate as the animal is remove from the area it has learned from the time it was born.
    To sum it up, I was not impressed with the Classic overall but was impressed with the ability of the contestants to catch fish under difficult conditions.

    Hope I have not offended the bass fishermen on the site as I too work at catching this great gamefish. :)
  11. dip

    dip dip

    casting into the same body of water he's fishin in. specially since he doesn't catch anything whilst the "paylakers" do!
  12. The concert like setting is lame and so is the fact that some of these fish might not make it, but lets give these guys credit for making " catch and release" mainstream for the most part.