Bass tracker tx 18 question

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  1. I'm getting ready to buy a 1994 basstracker tx 18 boat. The thing is spotless except for on the bottom of the boat it has a yellow kind of tint to it from the water. Is there a product out there you can use to remove this or? Also, has anyone ever replaced their decals on their boats before? Is it hard? expensive?
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    The tint on the hull is from fishing in stained/dirty waters. You can use an aluminum cleaner/brightener which may help - though some elbow grease may be necessary too. My 1984 Basstracker TX suffered from the same thing. I cleaned it several times, but the stain always came back - I figured you never see it when it's in the water. :rolleyes:

    Decals aren't too hard to remove, try a heat gun first and if that doesn't work I can vouch for aircraft stripper. *It's really nasty stuff - wear gloves and don't get it on anything you're attached to. :D

    As far as getting exact factory replacement decals, you may have a tough time finding them considering the age of the boat. If that fails, any talented sign/graphics shop should be able to design a similar decal, or make one totally custom from your ideas and color scheme. Cost would be a few hundred bucks either way. (I can help you with custom decals.)