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  1. How is the spawn looking around the region? I caught a smallie about ten days ago that had very obvious tail wounds from nest clearing. Then the rains came.....and came...... and cold.... and rain....and cold...You get my point. Have not seen anymore signs. Are the LM spawning in the pits or ponds? I have not seen any bed fish this year. Even as far south as Rocky Fork. Anyone with some more reports please share.
  2. Yesterday at a pond close to my house, I saw a 3+ lb. largemouth making a bed right near the shoreline where the shore was a steep embankment. It blew my mind -- most of his dorsal fin was exposed and he was easily visible. I dropped several lures near him and only got him to halfway-bite out of annoyance when I scooted a tube across his potential bed. He didn't bite hard enough to catch, and he eventually got spooked and swam off. So I think they're beginning to spawn.

  3. As far as Rocky Fork goes, it is going to take a while for the water to warm 5-6 degrees to get to a consistent 65. With the temp dipping into the mid 40's this week, it could still be a couple of weeks away. I have been to Rocky Fork a handful of times this year and have yet to see a spawner. East Fork seems to be closer to the spawn.
  4. I observed spawning smallies last time I hit the Stillwater area - this was about two weeks ago. I'm not sure what the rains/cold do to the timing of the spawn in creeks/rivers. Once they start is there any stopping them? How long will they be in "spawn mode"?
  5. In the south columbus area---

    my dad has a small pond that is about 13 ft deep and those bass have already spawned and the fry hatched about a week ago. A new round of fish were just getting on the bed about two weeks ago but then they kind of dissapeared. Im sure this weather is playing games with the fish for sure.

    In a deeper quarry that has spotted bass they were already on the nests last week. While the largemouth were just starting to move up and pic out spots.
    I did see one pair that already had a nest though.
  6. Good Post Guys. Keep'em coming. We can track the stages with everyones input. Probably should have started the thread a couple weeks ago. I thought the smallies would be protecting fry by now. But,of course, we are in Ohio. I have not seen any fry anywhere yet.
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    Weekend of the 12th I caught a couple nice female smallies in a couple of warm, shallow backwaters off of Mad River. Noticed a large cloud of fry in each area. In cooler deeper areas I caught only small males....
  8. The Mad River may be a little cooler than others as it is a coldwater stream before Buck Creek dumps into it. If so, then smallies would start a little later in the season when compared to populations in the other major streams in the area.
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    As far as farm ponds and small lakes go. I've seen several swarms of largemouth fry already in the ponds I take care of, this is in the Cincinnati area.
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    First and foremost, fish in rivers do not all spawn at the same time. Some fish will be in pre-spawn, some on the beds and some in post-spawn. I have noticed spawning fish almost a month ago, those fish are in post spawn patterns by now but I am sure there are still bass spawning in our local rivers although I believe they are mostly done. I was in VA fishing the New River acouple of weeks ago and those fish had all pretty much spawned out, that is only 6 hrs away....I am thinking most are done here as well by now. Just my observations. I have been currently fishing a pond lately (last week or so) and I have noticed a few beds and caught 2 females with eggs, but most all the Largemouth I caught have already spawned out as well.
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    I was fishing downstream of Buck Creek. I have only ever caught 2 bass, one spot and one largemouth, upstream of the confluence, and none north of the recharge ponds.
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    I have caught several spawners in my local lake. Seen a bunch more. Also have seen alot of bass fry. :)
  13. For what it's worth - went out to the pond at Art Van-Atta Park (small pond - maybe 0.25 acre) here on the north side of Dayton at lunch and observed bass sitting on beds around the entire perimeter. No hookups - they were all giving me the middle "fin".
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    About smallmouth, I think some of them may swim up creeks to spawn. Sometimes creeks turn up surprisingly big fish, they may come from the rivers.

    Some springs the rivers are flooded so much you wonder how they succeed, but with waters being connected there's plenty of fry to go around.
  15. Fry in our pond also.Proud parent close by.
  16. I have seens signs of them building there beds in ponds, I have noticed they are hanging close to the banks at rocky fork lake and not being too scared of my presence, I would imagine they are getting close to the spawn. Good luck Fishing
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    As of a couple days ago, a private lake I fish near Xenia had lots of bass hanging on the edges in shallow water, looking very intent. I did not see any fry--but I still don't know if we're in the "before" or "after" mode--my feeling is they have yet to spawn.
  18. Thursday I caught my first nesting Smallie of the year(That I actually seen anyway). Seen a nest on the shore where the water had receeded. Only about 8-10 inches of water left on the nest. I think that nest will be dry by next week.

    This was in the GMR south of Dayton. Still have not seen any balls of fry, but they are in nest protection mode. We will see more coming and going for awhile now.

    The fry will probably be pretty thick next week. With the river getting colder and high last week, I think it set the spawn back a little. The nests that were built will most likely be high and dry. The fish nesting this week should be good. The full moon was like turning the lights on.