Bass Rods and Reels For Sale

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  1. Looking to sell of some of the bass stuff to buy new Catfish Stuff all prices are OBO, and I will take trade offers for catfish stuff...

    1. Pinnacle Tara Flipping Reel 6.3:1, 5 ball bearing, 12lb/110 and St Croix Triumph TRC66MF, 6'6 Med Fast Action, 10-17lb Line, 1/4-3/4oz Lure-Like New Condition--75$

    2. B.A.S.S Round Baitcast Reel (BC2) 5.2:1 3 Ball Bearing -35$

    3. Shakespeare Mantis SPINNING Combo--Rod: Model WMSP602M 6ft Med Action 6-12lb Line Reel: Model MN030RT Right or Left hand retrieve 4.9:1 Ratio, Ball Bearing-10$

    Rods Only

    1. Zebco Z-Glass 562M Casting Rod Model: ZZC-562M 5'6" Medium Action-10$
    2. Bass Pro Shops, Pro Comp Spinning Rod PC2-60MHS 6'0" Med Hvy 6-17lb Line 1/4-5/8 Lure has a little rash but all eyes are in tact- 10$

    Reels Only

    1. Shakespeare Sigma SBC 2804 5.6:1 3bearing 12/120 Round Baitcast Reel-Good Condition--12$
    2. Quantum Pro 2c 3 Bearing Flipping Reel Has a good bit of boat rash--10$
    3. Daiwa BW2 Flipping Reel, 2 graphite Bearings 5.2:1 Ratio 12/150 Great Condition For an older reel-20$

    Spinning Reels:
    1. Daiwa J1350 12/100 Rear Drag-8$
    2. Abu Cardinal C1R 5.2:1 Ratio 2 Bearing 8/80 Rear Drag Good Condition very smooth reel--15$
    3. Quantum Lite Rear Drag Lots of Boat Rash and Drag doesnt work very god-5$
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  2. Some new prices added...If anyone is interested in anything make me an offer...

  3. Ok how about another Price Drop...B A S S Reel 25$ shipped, St Croix/Pinnacle Combo 60$ shipped
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    If you have that zebco rod model zzc-562m, still i would like to buy it, its like the one my granddaddy used, please reply asap......kdun
  5. I dont have that rod anymore, but I do have (2) Zebco Gatorback Casting Rods, GBC56M Medium Action 5'6 8-17lb line, 1/4-3/4oz lure...
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    thank you so very much, but i am really looking for that old model, I have a sporting goods store in ga.. Franklin gun shop, athens ga.. but thanks anyway, have a nice labor