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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bassmaniac, Jun 16, 2008.

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    Bass Pro Shops in Rossford will be open Wednesday! WOOHOO!
  2. I am going to wait a week before the crowds trickle down

  3. I saw that on the news tonight and I guess they said it is a "Soft Opening" and the grand opening isn't till sometime in early July. I guess they are doing this to work out any problems they have before they have there big ol Grand Opening. Im with hollandbass on this one and i'll wait till all the maddness goes away.
  4. I spent enough time there over the last few weeks wrapping up loose ends. I will wait untill the 22nd when I have passes for "contractor" night:), 15% discount on many items.
  5. Thats a little confusing. The bass pro website and the sign out in front of the building ( I drove past it over the weekend ) said they will open 5-9pm on the second of july with the actual grand opening on the 3rd. I was dissapointed when I seen that because I was hoping they would keep the opening date of june 19th. So are they actually going to be opening for business on the 19th of this month but not telling anybody , and having the grand opening hooplah next month ?
  6. Yes they will be opening but they are trying to keep it somewhat quiet untill they work any bugs out prior to the "grand" opening. As someone else stated they are calling this a "soft" opening.
  7. Cool ! , I am hoping they celebrate opening the place up by having some really good deals on a few things. When the Atlanta , Ga. store opened up there were a lot of good deals on baits,...I guess to get you hooked so you will come back.
  8. oh boy if they had you and your crew building that place i don't know if it's risking having the building collapse on me ;)

    where were ya on sunday? we catch lots of small warreye and some big udderfish!
  9. they actually opened this morning at 9 I was there at 9:30 and there was only a few customers but was getting busier when I left at 11:00 it is a very cool store with all of the paintings and such.
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    Local radio has confirmed they opened today.
  11. For a "non opening" the place was packed today and i think channel 11 news was there when I stopped by today.

    Picked up some hooks and some new bait I wanted to try out for around 10 bucks. Compared to dicks or walmart where i stop by to grab a few need supplies only when I have to, it seemed a few bucks cheaper and the variety was pretty impressive.

    I was there for about an hour just going through the baits and fishing stuff, and didnt even get to stop upstairs to look at everything else.
  12. I was out that way and dropped in today. Lots of erie fishing stuff, the most i have seen, and plenty of river gear also. Ice cream was sweet but i dont dig the fact that you got to give them a phone # to buy it. Place was packed beyond full.

  13. Phone # is easy, just make one up.
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    The place has been very busy the last few days and a few sales just started yesterday. I got a part time job working in the fishing department, I have worked there the last couple of nights, I will be there tonight if anyone wants to stop by. Name is Greg.........

    We will be having some killer deels starting at 6pm on June 2nd to officially start the Grand Opening. Great selection of Rods, best I have seen in a long time, also the soft plastics, there are like 10 aisles of just that. A ton of cranks and stuff.

    See ya all around the store.
  15. I was told the phone number is for "demographic purposes only". Does BPS do the same thing that other major retailers do that they have big sales at other stores at the same time? I'm taking in a Reds game and a BPS visit around that time. It would be nice to blow my fishing budget with some great deals.
  16. We went yesterday, unfortunately, we were on a small budget. I'm gonna save up my money for the grand opening though. Really nice store, and BIG. I really like how it was set up and organized. The only thing is (and I don't know if this is because they haven't come in yet) but they don't have many other rods besides the BPS brand. A few Shimanos, G-loomis, and St Croix, but not much else.

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    A lot of the rods are not in yet, but we have 30 aisles of fishing rods and all different brands, there are only about 6 aisles of shimanos, g-loomis, and st. croix. They have a wide selection of Walleye marshall crappie rods, ugly sticks, zebcos, browning, okuma, daiwa, you name it, it is there. I think there is over 750 rods on the shelfs as of yesterday, it took 3 weeks to get them organized and setup.
  18. rutty

    rutty Cowboy Charters

    They will not be running the big sales at the Cincy store during the Rossford grand opening, at least that is what they said in orientation.
  19. I dont know where you were looking but they have more rods than cabelas. I just ended up getting 4 new loomis and croix rods at 40% off today.
  20. Wife, I, & another couple headed up after work last night to check it out. Must say, we were ready to leave after 10 minutes. They sell Clothes and commercial stuff. It was a huge space filled with "fillers". I'll stick to the actual Bait and tackle shops. You guys can fight the crowd buying camo PJ's and cashews for their 5 kids.:S