Bass Pro Shops Seminar 11/25

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  1. Doing a seminar at Bass Pro Shops on flippin' and pitchin' on November 25. Come check it out, I might just be able to teach something.
  2. The BPS website has flip'n and pitch'n seminar on November 25th. For Nov. 11th, the seminar is cold water jerkbait tactics. Has it changed?

  3. You know what, it is the 25th. I had the days completely messed up. I do apologize.
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  5. Excuse me. I have read this thread over and over and still don't see anything that would cause someone to swear. I think the mods should take a look at your response Wut? I for one am offended.

    Nick is a great guy and a great fisherman. He has plenty to be proud of and doesn't need responses like yours. Nick I am looking forward to seeing your presentation.
  6. Say hi to our old 'friend', Carramrod now using the name 'wut?'. I've alerted the staff.
  7. I second that emotion, mutter that junk under your breath, or not at all.
  8. I must have missed out on something. I didn't know I upset someone so much they would swear under a topic like this. What is the fishing community coming to?
  9. look up previous posts by 'carramrod' and you'll understand it's nothing you've done nor anything wrong with the otherwise good people here. This is the same clown just using a different name.
  10. The problem has been taken care of. :)

    Enjoy your seminar! I wish I lived closer...
  11. Thanks Big Daddy. Theres no place on here for that nonsense. Nick, you didn't do or say anything wrong. Some of us on here have got your back. Now go talk some smack. :)
  12. Thank you very much, Big Daddy
  13. The mods must have taken care of this. Wish that guy could leave well enough alone. Sounds like a good seminar, too bad I cant make it.
  14. Well, no matter what. I am going to do the seminar to help represent myself and my sponsors and hopefully educate any listeners that come that evening.
  15. I wish I lived closer to Cinci and could attend. I also wish Gander Mountain or Dick's SG, both of which have several locations statewide, would offer interesting seminars such as yours.
  16. I think Gander offers seminars from time to time. Probably not as good as some of the BPS seminars.