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  1. i went to bass pro in cincy to spend my birthday gift cards on sunday . i never noticed it before but prices on camping gear seem high to me. before the camping season starts i need a new cooler,a new camp table, and i wanted to get a dining set. i noticed that walmart was alot cheaper on the camp items i need. so i just bought a crap load of tackle, new fishing license and a new dont get me wrong i love bass pro shops but in these times its all about saving money. i stopped buying paper products to eat off of on my camping trips. instead of throwing my empty water bottles away i save and refill them for the next trip.
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  2. JMO..but big box stores rarely, if ever...have the best pricing. However; if you need a specific item, they are more likely to have it in stock vs. a smaller shop, and to many, that convenience is well worth the price difference.

    Based on that fact alone, the big box stores can easily put the smaller shops in the area out of business. Where guys used to get all their stuff, all of a sudden doesn't carry the "hot" color they go to the big box and low and behold they have an entire rack of now the guy decides.."screw it, I'll buy all my stuff here from now on..."

  3. Bass Pro is a great store, but they dont always have the best prices, sometimes you can get some good deals, but its all about the sales, and I get coupons in the mail, which help out. For the most part though I only buy fishing stuff there, otherwise I am at walmart or do a lot of my shopping on the internet.

    There are not many local spots by me that sell what I am looking for, and if they do it is so over priced I am not into paying it.
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    Their store label Ozark Trail or whatever it is is krap! The prices are good but in this case you definitely get what you pay for. I've bought a few things over the years and have always been disappointed in the quality. I bought a rechargeable LED lantern while in Destin last summer and the thing didn't have a plug for the charger in the lantern. You couldn't charge it! It was such an obvious defect that I at that moment swore off ever wasting my money on their stuff.
    Find it online somewhere and verify that and Bass Pro will usually match the price. Ask for the department manager and they will do the price adjustment at the register. I've done it a few times at BPS Fairfield and they've never given me any fight about it. I bought a Eureka tent a few years back and they knocked $60 off because Dick's had it on sale but were out of stock. Bass Pro was happy to get my business IMHO.

    They have their ups and downs but generally speaking, treat them nicely and you'll get it in return.

  5. ozark trail is crap. last summer i bought an ozark trail shelter and it tore at the seams the 1st time i used it. i returned it . i have also used ozark trail tent stakes and they broke the 1st time i used them too.
  6. I was looking for a replacement shotgun barrel for a Remington 870.
    Had checked out three different places. BPS, Gander Mountain and Cabelas.

    For a 30" Vented ribbed varible choke barrel:

    Bass Pro Shops: $219.00 with a week or two wait.

    Gander Mountain: $199.00 with a week and a half wait.

    Cabela's: $180.00 will ship tomorrow. Just a thought...