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  1. Anyone notice how much BPS increased the prices on their Squirming Squirts crappie tubes?? Used to be 1.49 for 20 1.5" or 15 2" tubes. They go on sale every spring (used to be for 88 cents, now it's 94 cents) so I went out to pick some 1.5" up cause it was basically $4.70 per hundred. Turns out it's now 15 to a package for 1.5" and 10 per package for 2"!! That's a 33% and 50% price increase, respectively. On sale, it's still not a bad deal, but otherwise you're much better off buying the southern pro from Cabelas or buying from Barlows or a local supplier.
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    Definitely a sign of the times. I figure there are two ways retailers can keep prices about the same. Less product per package or lower quality merchandise. Neither option is ideal but frankly, I'd rather see the less product option. Kudos to you for pointing this out and helping us make wiser choices this spring!

  3. Good point, BW. I'd much rather see the less product option, too.

    I don't shop much at BPS. I used to prepare a list of 6-8 things I needed to make the 110 mile round trip worthwhile.....and they'd have 2 things on the list. And they never seemed to have in stock whatever the big sale was on. So I started looking at Cabelas. Their sales offer deeper discounts, if they're out of an item it says "sold out" on the website, their return policy and customer service is topnotch and the order gets here in 3-4 days. Plus, they sent me this really cool HARDCOVER catalogue!

    BW, I'm bringing my yak....outfitted for a day on the stream....... to the meeting Tuesday. I want to compare notes with the speaker.
  4. Bass pro Rossford,,,,3" tails 20 for $2.49,,mixed in with them bags with 15 same price,,store code,,I caught that today,,I got stuck on Stren line normally 330 yards $5.99,, bought a box that had 175 yards on it $5.99,,,same box and everything just a yardage difference,,,
  5. I do almost all of my online shopping at They have a huge selection and cheap prices,
  6. more than just tubes went up. I was @ BPS cincy and ALOT of stuff has gone up. Some rods and reels up by as much as $20
    Maybe they need a bail out???
  7. The BPS sale is not nearly as good as it was last year. The prices did go up or they lowered the quantity and kept the price. The store was not crowded when I went in Friday. You need to know the prices the make sure you get a good deal. I bought 4 crappie nibbles for 2 bucks each with a 5 buck rebate. 3bucks for 4 jars is not bad at all. Keep to the list.
  8. Right about the quanity going down, but they are also doing this in grocery stores, less item for the same price. I went on Saturday, was packed. I really didn't care much for the speakers. One guy was talking about musky, I think he was from Minnosota??? We have "some" musky in the area, would of been nice to hear someone talk about smallmouth, or hybreds, did not seem to fit the majority of the fishing that is done around here. I think they have a guy talking about catfishing, that makes sense. I do most of my shopping online and at local outfitter. Here's a link for plastics and such, prices seem decent.
  9. I was at BPS on saturday afternoon about 2:00 pm and it was packed. I did really good this year. I got out of there spending less than $25 and didn't buy anything I did not need immediately or absolutely have to have ;) I also had pretty complete tutorials with the Lowrance and battery charger reps.

    Although, I get an occasional better deals elsewhere online, I can't seem to consistantly beat the deals I get on ebay. Everything from beads and hooks to vintage lures no longer in production.
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  10. The best place to buy smalll tubes and jigs is Grizzly Jig .com check them out ,Their shipping is a little high but you still get more for your money.

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    I move up (from the south) here about 2 1/2 years ago, and brought some jigs from "Midsouth Tackel" with me. I have caught everything (that i fish for) with these jigs, very sturdy. I superglue the tube to the jig head, and not uncommon to catch 30-40 fish on one jig. Their web site can be a little tricky.
  12. was tehre saturday, just got a few things that i needed, the sales prices werent all that great.

    on another note, i remember seeing a thread about BPS closing down and moving, well from what ive heard from reliable sources, the owners of the mall are in the process of having all the stores move out, including BPS, and once this is done, they are going to level the place and build condominiums on the site, there is already bids being sent out for the work, there in the planning stage and working on getting the rest of the stores out of the mall. as far as BPS staying in cincy area that i do not know of all i know is they wont be at that mall location once everything gets rolling.
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    And they are an Ohio company - based in Akron and originally started out of the owner's basement. They now have a GREAT retail store that is essentially their warehouse for the online sales. So anything you see online you can purchase in the store.

    They are located in the Portage Lakes area of Akron. If you're up in the area in mid-March check out their Spring sale:

    LandBigFish Spring Tackle Show.

    Support a local company...