Bass Pro Shop Sale/ Shimono reels

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by madcrappiekids, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. So, I get the ad for the big spring sale at BPS....after my son and i trade off pages and decide what we need, don't need, want and just plain can't live with out... ;-).... I look at the reel trade in page to see what, if any, good deals there are.

    Now I realize they arn't giving away anything great for this program, but if your like me, you have some reels that have been in the garage long enough, and $5 bucks is $5 bucks. Plus it goes to a good program and I like donating my stuff to kids and kid programs. Last time I took 2 coupon because I was not buying anything.

    This year I see that the coupons are good for reels only - no combo's - ok that's fine. However, I also notice in the paper that the program is good for all reels EXCEPT shimano reels as they are not particpating in the program. hmmm, that seems odd???

    I know that in business you have choices and don't have to jump on ever band wagon program that comes along, and I realize i don't have the details about what BPS asked from each company to participate. That being said, i don't see any reason for a company to not participate in this. Seems like one of those things you just lend your name to for good PR given what the program is.

    Anyone else find this odd? have any more insight? Honestly, i'm not sure I would buy another shimano reel if they don't support kids programs like this.

  2. IMO, I don't believe that the issue is Shimano not participating in the program, but the available gross margin dollars available for BPS to work with in selling Shimano reels. Dealers make very little money selling the popular Shimano models (Symetre, Stradic, etc.) When a dealer can make more money selling a $49 Okuma reel than he does on a $129 Shimano, he has more dollars to support programs of this nature by "pushing" Okuma. I take nothing away from Shimano regarding the quality of their product, but their dealer programs are not nearly as profitable as those of other brands. And, yes, that evil word PROFIT is what the dealer (BPS) uses to support kid's programs. I'm not defending BPS, just trying to avoid laying blame where it may not belong, in my opinion.

  3. I believe Shirmano has always had a no discount policy.
  4. They call it MAP pricing = Minimum ADVERTISED Price. The key word being advertised. The dealers can still sell them for whatever price they wish, they just cannot advertise below the pricing levels that are set as MAP.