Bass Pro Shop in Ohio

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  1. Where is Rossford, OH? I believe that's where they are putting one.


    yes they put one in rossford,ohio.since it was easy to look at an ohio map it is in the upper left hand side of ohio

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    sure would be nice if they put one in the upper right side of the state too.:p
  4. I thaught that one was going to be in Brunswick?

    EZBite, The Old Walmart Building would be perfect!
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    It is in the Toledo area and is now open, with its official Grand Opening around July 1st. The Michigan Cablela's is only about 30 minutes (if that) away. No fair.

    The last I read, the Brunswick/Akron BPS was dead in the water.

  6. I now have a Cabelas, Gander, and BPS within 30 miles of my home.

    Good me for what I am about to spend...
  7. It was on the news back in december 07'
  8. Went to my first Bass pro shops near cincy 2 weeks ago. Had nice Daiwa 7-8ft pole/reel combo's for 20bux. just had to grab one along with 3 of their molds :) Went to gander mountain last week and grabbed 2 more of their molds and a "HOT POT". never been to cabella's but I was just looking at them online recently. If I recall corectly, cabella's sold a camp kitchen kit called a "chuck Wagon". was trying to find one but it is no longer listed. had all the cooking stuff (pots pans etc) in one package along with plates etc. all in a nice wooden carry box.
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    I also picked up the same Daiwa combo. Looked absolutly like a steal for $30. I was probably on my 10th time using it catfishing and the POS snapped like a twig. I was livid. Just a heads up there.

    I was at BPS 2 weeks ago for their grand opening in Toledo. I walk in and head straight to the fishing section. I browse for maybe 2 minutes and walk up to Kevin Van Dam in one of the aisles. Very friendly and the Einstein of fishing knowledge. :cool:

    In all honesty, I believe that Cabelas is worth the extra 30 minute drive instead of BPS. Even though I dont like to take my money to that state up north... they have much better customer service and selection.
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    ;) :) :p