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  1. Hello all,
    Just a reminder to everyone that next weekend is their Spring Extravaganza. The wife and I were their yesterday and I picked up some crappie and saugeye baits , the shelves are stocked to the ceiling ! I purchased some of Bass Pro,s XPS Lazer Blades (Vibe-E) and what an awesome looking bait !High resolution detail,Holographic / Painted finishes, premium hooks with 3-D Lazer eyes and four different sizes. I can't wait to limit out on 'eyes at Indian Lake with this bait. They come with a Berkley cross-snap already attached and they are only $3.00 each ! Don' wait till everyone is sold out of Vibe-e's at the lake , get your's now.

    Keep fishin,
  2. Vib-E's? are you kidding, who uses those hunk's of metal ;)

  3. Thanks for the and a buddy are planning on going down this week..I guess it will be Saturday.
  4. OSU_Fisherman

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    That's pretty great timing because I'm headed that way this coming weekend.
  5. i want to go but have a 3 day pool tourny in marysville this weekend.

    might be able to head down sunday if we get beat out early
  6. So is everything marked down cause Buckeye outdoors is having theres to and am going to invest in a good deal of stuff wonder if the extra drive would be worth more then the 10 percent it will be marked down at buckeye outdoors. Anyone have BPs number cause i have a list and could get the prices to make sure it would be worth the drive.
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    Here are the links for the Cincy store. There's a phone number in there somewhere but you can check the flyer for the major stuff on sale. "Everything" is not on sale but a lot of stuff is even if it's not in the flyer. Also, the store will honor any price you see online, whether the classic is going on or not, but you sometimes have to bring in a printout of the page in question. That saved me $20.00 on a rod just last fall. The "Classic" begins on Friday and goes until March 16 although the special seminars are mostly limited to the first weekend.

    I'll be there Thursday or Friday of next week.

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    BuckeyeOutdoors is having a sale? Is it still going on? Need to get rid of this "excess" money laying around.
  9. The sale is this weekend it may start friday on all fishing equipment 10 percent his convectors are already the lowest in the state.
  10. Boaterfisherdude,

    You are kidding , right ? If you want to catch a limit at Indian, go vertical ! Do you fish Alum , I want to fish that lake and just need some starting info. on the saugeyes ? Later.

    Keep fishin,