Bass Pro - NOPE!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Erterbass, Nov 2, 2007.

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  2. That is too bad, I was kind of looking forward to being able to drop tons of money there :) I am a big fan of local stores they just can't carry the inventory so I end up shopping at bass pro or Cabelas on line and get hammered with shipping. Closest thing that should be good and isn't at all is a Gander. I guess Kames it will continue to be.

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    Web, you should check out LandBigFish in Manchester. It is the same group that runs and they have a very impressive selection and prices comparable to the big boxes - with no shipping added on (of course we get to support the local government thru sales tax :eek: )

    The store is on Manchester Road in the same shopping center as Sav-A-Lot and Harbor Freight. Check 'em out.

    BTW...I still like Kame's too.

  4. For fishing, Kame's is good on reel selection and that's about it.

    Land Big Fish is most definitely where my money's at now. Its closer to home and way better than Gander. I use to drive to Gander all the time. I still go to Gander for whatever I cant find at LBF though.

    Im so glad LBF opened up. I go there just to burn time when im bored. Haha!

    Bass Pro shipping is horrible btw. It's slow and expensive.
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    Kames is not what it used to be; very little unique or pro level stuff.
    LandBigFish is good, although understaffed and a mess.
    The place to go is still the Rodmakers Shop.
  6. Wow this is turning in to a better and better thread, thanks for the info guys. Barney, where is Rodmakers located? Sounds like the general opinion is Gander at the strip is a waste, Kames is good not great. LBF sounds like a hit so I am looking forward to checking that out. What intersection is it by?
  7. The Rodmakers shop is located in Strongsville on the corner of Prospect Road and Rt. 82 they have a great selection and a great group of guys working there. pm me if u need directions.
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    LBF is in Coventry Plaza, 3333 Manchester Rd. Take 93/Manchester Rd. north past Portage Lakes Dr.; about a 1/4 mile past that intersection is Coventry Plaza on your right or the east side of the road. You should be able to have fun in there for a while ;)

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    thats sucks bass pro is my favorite place and the only way i get to shop there is online and that involves a lot of shipping charges.
  10. guys all suck! DICK'S is where it's at!!!!

    oh're talking about fishing stuff........never mind.

  11. To me, it has hard to imagine a SPECIALTY store to invest millions in a depressed area. The Walmarts of the world, that appeal to people in depressed areas, have no problem. It is sad, but reality. Just my opinion
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    When I first heard Bass Pro was looking at Akron, my first thought was the thieves will have a field day in that place.Fishing gear is an easy sell on the streets.I'm sure the higher ups final decision was based alot on the amount of theft of other local retailers in the area.Canton would have been a better choice...........Mark
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    I have to say, after reading online after comments on the beacon sight it looks as though Bass Pro became a political red tape sell.
    I have been to several of there stores, like Cabela's near me it sells more than just fishing supplies. I would think they would have done half way decent. I think there was more in the background going on that made this decision than what we have been told.
    Its a shame, many comments were made about them coming into an urban setting yet Akron area has MANY lakes to fish, heck I live in a area of great hunting but few lakes to fish and Cabela's does FANTASTIC on fishing..
    Crazy. Well at least the local shops are there when I come up north to see you all.