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    Just curious, did any of you guys go to bass pro last sunday, and see Kevin Van Dam, Hank Parker, Pete Maina, and Chase Parsons, it was a great show and experience. Kevin Van Dam was walking around the aisles giving great advice to people on what to use and how. Hank Parker was an all around good speaker as well. Pete Maina was a real nice guy too walking around and getting into fish talk with other customers. This was the second time that Van Dam has been to the shop at Rossford, last time last May he came with Jimmy Houston. I have a feeling that he will be making regular appearances at Rossford and Detroit stores since he is originally from Kalamazoo.
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    I was there too. Had a great time and got to talk with both Pete Maina and Chase Parsons. They were real nice guys and offered some good advice and a little insight as to what goes on behind the scenes of their shows on TV.
    I also got Pete to sign one of my homemade muskie lures and Chase to sign a walleye lure.

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    I was there with my brother, shopped hard for about 2 hours spent 300 and left, I saw Hank and Chase and Pete just started to talk when I was in the checkout line. The store was jammed packed an it was tough to walk around with a cart it was like xmas eve at giant eagle but at least no crazy broads and or screaming kids just a bunch of guys on a mission to get spring tackle. They wanted 39.99 for an offshore board and 16.99 for an OR-18 release I almost fell over.

    Nice store and friendly staff and it's not to much further than PC. I'll be back during the summer I'm sure.
  4. man i wish i knew about that....totally missed it
  5. I went and got to meet Hank Parker, KVD, Pete Maina, and Chase Parsons. All were friendly and signed autographs, as well as took some pics with me... here they are...






  6. I was there and was a little disappointed that Kevin's seminar was only about 25 minutes long. It was cool though seeing that big bass hit his red eye shad when he flipped it in the tank. He did take his time and talk to everyone. Not to many deals though.