bass pro in toledo

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  1. anyone know the number to the new bass pro in toledo ohio/rossford.

    idk if its open yet or not.


  3. KaGee

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    June 19th I believe.
  4. The opening was pushed back to July 3rd.
  5. I will be dropping some cash on "contractor's" night on June 22nd. I believe the grand opening is still slated for the 19th. I know we are kicking azz and taking names to get the floors done this week. I would guess 50% of the racks/shelving are installed and 80% of the mounts are up. The fish tank is stocked. From what I saw last week everything is on schedule. I'll stop out there this week and see if anything has changed. I just asked our flooring superintendent and he says June 19 is still the date.:)

  6. whats the deal on contractors night,,,is it for everyone that worked on the project,,,they did not say anything at the union hall ,,
  7. I got an email forwarded to me from one of our sales guys. It said they are closing to the public early that Sunday and are going to have food and what not. What trade you work Roger???
  8. Millwright and apprentice instructor part time that is ..I taught welding to a lot of carpenters that were working at Bass Pro,,
  9. That being the case I am sure we have crossed paths before. I recieved my 20 year pin from 1138 last summer and have been on the JATC attendence & evaluation commitee for almost 15 years. We have probably been at alot of the same funtions. I am not sure how exciting the contractor night at Bass Pro will be but if you want to go pm me and I'll get your name on the list.