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  1. There are always so many different discussions about line and its all personal preference but I was just wondering what people thought of the Bass Pro Excel mono. Im on a really tight budget and need quite a few reels filled and $10 bucks for 1200 yard spool looks pretty good.

    Anyone use this stuff and any comments on it?

    Thanks guys
  2. I was introduced to Excel several years ago by Lewis. It is a darn good mono as far as I'm concerned and allows you to change the line quite often without tearing up your wallet. :)

  3. Good stuff.... strong knots.

    Only knock I can think of is it is a little stiffer than, say, Trilene XL (8 lb test, anyway.)
  4. I think it's excellent line with a good balance of properties. I use it for both spinning and baitcasting applications (where I don't use braid) in weights from 4- to 20-pound test. For the money, you can't beat it.
  5. Yep, that would cost you less than $2 a reel. I have never had issues with it.
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    you could also check into yo zuri hybrid line at BPS. i think its still going for 4.88 for 1/4 lb spool. its a copolymer line that Ive been using on baitcasters and spinning gear. great knot strength and high breaking point.
  7. I've been using Excel line for 15 years and love it. You cant beat the price and durability of the line. The jumbo spools are your best bet.
  8. picking a fishing line is like picking a beer. you choose 1 kind and use it the rest of your life. i use stren and miller high life.
  9. thanks for all the replies, im definitely going to give it a go this year

    i have tried the yo zuri hybrid line one year for a breif amount of time and i didnt really care anything for it
  10. It's a great line I've been using it for years, I've try others but I keep coming back to the Excel fluorescent blue, 4 & 6# test good stuff.Jim
  11. I tried this stuff out this year. Its pretty decent stuff. However I had a few break offs this year using it. I havent had a break off in over a year, before switching to this. Usually I use nothing but Berkley XL or Big Game or a braid/fireline of some type. Went back to using Berkley again and have not had a break off...

    I liked Excel because it was cheap, and like Shortdrift said you can change your line often and not spend a bunch. I buy all my line in bulk though so I get a good price out of it, and considering I change my line at least once a month, if not more that helps.

    I would recommend giving it a try and seeing how it goes for you, you might like it, or you might not, either way you are only spending $10 which is not a bad deal.

    PS. I was also using 25lb and 30 lb line, I have not used any of the lighter line.