Bass ponds and lakes to bank fish from?

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  1. New bass fishing guy, looking for places to bass fish in the late winter or early spring? Live in the Mansfield area and have fished the normal places ( Clear Fork, Pleasant Hill, Mifflin and Willard ) Looking for those private secret ponds or quarry's. I don't exspect alot of info but thought I would give it a try. Also anyone who would like to go fishng sometime please email me, I am just starting to learn Bassin so any help would be great!!
  2. You're not likely to get any "secrets" but Nimisila is a great place if you're hungry to catch early-season bass from the shore. The vast majority of the reservoir's edges are accessible by foot. You may also want to look into investing a nice pair of chest waders as Nimisila offers a lot of opportunities for that.

    Another one to try would be Kendall Lake in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park system. It's not heavily fished, however they just lowered the water level to repair the dam and I'm not sure how much die off occurred.

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    i know of a pond in springfield township and it holds some nice bass all year round and it is fairly shallow. but waders are a definate no. the place is very muddy and a jonboat would work very good in there. fish tubes. they think that they are minnows. topwaters work well there too. it doesnt get a lot of fishing pressure and the bass get nice size. 4-5 lbs. on average. fishing is also good for nice size crappie, BIG bluegill, and cats.:D
  4. Okay, so you told him what to use to catch the fish, however, you failed to give him directions on how to get there. Saying "I know of a pond" isn't going to help him much.
  5. I know of a great pond.

    West of I-71, East of Rt 83, North of Columbus, and south of Cleveland.

    It's in the woods, you cant miss it.

    I found it the old fashon way. I went looking for fishing holes?
    Sounds crazy I know but It worked?:) :p
  6. Castmaster, what's the name of the pond?
  7. castmaster - i live in springfield township... if you don't mind, pm me with the location of the pond you're talking about. I just moved there in October, so it'd be nice to develop a couple of honey holes