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My 8 yr old grandson has decided he wants to cast for bass, so out we go Friday morning. I tie a roostertail on for him, figuring if nothing else he will get to reel a lot. I tied on a crankbait, but after a while I tied on a roostertail as well. (Did I mention we didn't get on the lake until 8:30?)

Sure enough, I get a nice strike, and as usual with him I hand him the rod. Unfortunately, I didn't get the fish clear of some pilings before I did. A nice fish, not a trophy but a nice fish, came out of the water twice and then wrapped itself around the dock pilings. Reminded exactly of a tarpon in that respect!

Well, between grandson excitedly reeling away, and the torque Mr. Bass got from the wrapped line, the line broke.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that prior to this, my grandson side hooked the smallest fish I ever seen on a hook. Seriously, this thing wouldn't be considered a large guppy.

But on the lake with my grandson--a great day!
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