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    Fished out of my V-bottom today. Had a pretty good day. Caught my limit with this nice fish (pictured) being the best.
    1- Wind blowing like hell. Very difficult maneuvering!
    2- Three smaller ones caught on Mepps #3.
    3- Two better ones on JignPig.
    4- Most were on or near wood in shallow water.
    5- All were in less than three feet of water.
    6- Water very dirty.
    7- Lake about three foot over summer pool.

    My buddy caught one about three pounds on a white spinner.

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  2. Nice fish !!, Rupert?
  3. congrat's nice fish!!!
  4. Thick Rick

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    What lake are you on?

    MLAROSA Loving Life

    I dunno, looks like photshop to me...:p

  6. JignPig Guide

    JignPig Guide Fishing Guide

    Thanks guys,
    It sure is fun when they're biting!
    I tried to pull my digital scale down to be able to call it a 5-pounder. But no matter what I did, my scale read it at a weight of 4.5lb. Not bad, but if I would have caught the one I lost the other day down at Burr Oak, we would be looking at pictures of an eight or nine pounder!
  7. I guy that is honest about his Bass's weight. Kudo's to you. Very nice bass, and hawg in my book.[​IMG]