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Bass not hitting

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bellyboater, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Would like to say hello to everyone. I just joined site and have learned alot of good imformation. My question is I bass fish most of the time and the last 2 trips I couldn't even get a bite let alone catch a fish. Where as I all most allways catch a few. Was wondering if any of you folks having same problem?
  2. I HAVE had the same problem. I think that it was a combination of erratic weather and a post spawn lockjaw period. Good news is that on my last trip (a few day ago) the bass seemed to be a little more active. Hopefully it is over! Welcome, and where do you fish?

  3. I've got a couple gravel pits I have permission to fish. Also fish some of the 5 rivers metro park ponds. I also think it has been this eratic weather we have been having messing them up. I think most the bass have spawned about 3 or 4 weeks ago. How long does post spawn slow down usually last?
  4. I've been catching a lot of bass lately in lakes,creeks, and strip pits. Maybe the bass just weren't very active those couple times you went, but the post spawn can definately make it tough. What lures have you been trying? Good luck on your next trip!!!!!
  5. I usually fish with rubber worms texas rigged and weightless. I've recently bought some zoom z-nails baits and really did well with them til slow down. The bait is similar to senkos but about half the cost. Green pumpkin seems to get the most bites plus their heavy and you can cast them along way with out added weight. I highly recommend them.
  6. catking

    catking Banned

    First of all WELCOME to the site bellyboater !!! As far as bass go, depends on where you fish. I do know this. In the large lakes, my brother is having no problem catching LM bass. Even at East Fork Lake, a sometimes hard to fish/find the LM bass. But he does something many bass guys are not willing to do. He fishes OPEN water structure. Once spring leaves us,and before fall arrives, to catch many nice bass you should locate under water structure and fis it. He fished East Fork lake this past week , and caught LM bass up to 3.5 pounds doing this. We always have had success doing this. The "flipping " towards the banks this time of year, for the most part,in alot of large lakes, is wasting time ;) But, alot of bassers don't have the patience to do this, because it's something that people just don't do. Which is fine. But I do know the bass are there,in the structure (points,rocks,) in 15-20 feet of water feeding on alot of shad. ............CATKING.
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    expereinced the same problem in the local rivers. Not much going on to say the least. I would assume the crazy weather and unstable levels have a part in the "non-activity" but we have had stable levels and weather now for a good while, but still nothing. "Go-To" areas seem to be dryed up........... one other thing i noticed, is the lack of minnows in the local rivers......... :confused:
  8. Keep plugging away Bellyboater. The one big suggestion I have is to fish early or late in the day in this time of year. I was out last night from 7:30 to dark with a friend and we caught and released 8 or 9 bass. Nothing big but still a blast.
    I would also suggest picking up some plastic lizards. I fish with 6 inch Zoom lizards in watermellon seed. They are an unbeliveable bait! I managed to pull in a 5 pound largemouth from a private pond on one a couple weeks ago. Rig it with a light bullet weight and fish it close to banks or other structure. You might want to concentrate on using smaller lures this time of year also.
    Just hang in there. Better weather will bring better fishing. Also if the artificials aren't working, pick up some minnows. They can be just the ticket in some ponds!
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    Me and a buddy went bass fishing last night and we got 17 of them. We was mostly fishing spinnerbaits over deep weedbeeds. :) Biggest was about 2 pounds. Nothing like wading out to your chest in leech infested water catching bass. :D