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BASS non-boater rule changes

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by JBJ, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. JBJ



    I was turned on to this new site ( by one of my sponsors a few days back. I just read the most thought out answer/opinion to this topic and I just feel it wouldn't be fair to just copy it over to here. Check out what BassPastor has to say at the above link about the new changes BASS has put into play for the non-boating angler. Very impressive.
  2. they need to bring ray scott back he had the right idea all along!!! if they want to play with ideas maybe they should look at putting more of the money back to the anglers where it belongs. do the math on the pay outs it could be alot better. just my opionion.

  3. If JBJ posts, I must read, but still not enough pictures Blaise :D ! I don't see how this would effect the co-angler on the back of the boat if the found their way to the Classic. Don't they rig 50-some boats all the same so there isn't an edge to one angler? Wouldn't that co-angler get one of those boats?