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  1. I Am thinking of going there sometime but i need some more info. I know the price is $9.00 but is that the same for kids? If it's just on the weekends is it pretty crowded? THANKS!
  2. I am going there on Sunday the 3rd. I have never been there either. The owners are some customers of ours. Good group of guys. Not sure how busy, but on Google Earth, it looks like there are 3 lakes, so it can't be to crowded. Looking forward to it. My 4 year old just got a new ultra light for his birthday. He can hang with the best of em'. Maybe I'll see you there. I will have an Akron Tractor ball cap on. Good Luck

  3. Where is Bass Lake ??
  4. off rt 94 by rittman i think
  5. I used to go there with my dad's friend when I was in my late teens in the late 70's. One of the ponds close to the office had great cat fishing. Some really nice channels in there. They hit real well on a big leach about 4' under a weighted bobber out in the middle. Fishing there for any other species seemed a little too expensive. After you caught two of them you had to buy another ticket or leave. We would spend the whole day there and just use the one ticket. You can release the catfish and keep on fishing. Then you could take two home or trade your ticket in for something out of the freezer instead. They would have fresh filleted fish, beef, pork, etc. When the garden came in they would practically fill my car with fresh veggies. Super, super nice people. Can't say if the rules are the same now though. It was off of 585. If you were traveling from Norton toward Doylsetown(sp) it would be on your right. White sign.
  6. take ol 21 south and get off at 585. Make a right which I believe would be east and follow that for a couple miles and there is a sign on the right side.
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    Mike and Jim Rohr are good friends of mine.
    These are all farm raised Channel Cats in tgheir lakes...some nice ones.
    There is a reduced rate for kids under 12 I believe.
  8. I go every SAT and SUN it gets pretty crowded some days. Fishing was a bit slow the last few weeks and this heat wont help. Heres the phone 330-658-2489 you can ask about rates for kids but I have never seen any sign other than $9.00 per person. They do have garden stuff now and hot dogs, burgers and sausages if you dont keep 2. I do catch and release, unless its spring we keep crappies then. Good luck and SEE YA THERE 14587 Moine Rd Doyelstown is the address if you want to MAPQUEST
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    I thought there were 5 ponds total 2 on top and then 3 on the bottom. Nice tree stumps. I went once this year and it was cut short because of the thunderstorms. I caught a nice stripper that day.
  11. what kinds of fish do they have? thanks for for the help everyone! anyone else have more info?
  12. Asked them Sunday about kids rates IT is - 12 and under, pay half or $4.50 and can keep 1 large fish Adults $9.00 keep 2 big fish . Fishings been slow there lately
  13. I fished here Sunday the 3rd. Fishing was pretty decent. I caught 15 or so big bluegills and redears. Also managed a couple of beefy cats. My 4 year old pulled one about 8-9 pounds on his new ultralight. Had a blast. Super nice people. Place was starting to get busy at noon. I did see some other people getting into some nice stripers. Plenty of room for everyone. Good Luck.
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    Hey Coach, Did ya get any pictures?
    Was she a good dancer?
  15. so they have some nice cats and a lot of sunfish
  16. where were you Big lake by office? Or lower lake? I didnt see any strippers caught Sunday at Big lake by office but did leave early about 2pm and left at 3pm Sat. Would like to catch a few more strippers, they fight like nothing else.
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  18. a striper is i think a nickname for white bass
  19. A striper is a cousin of the white bass, but grow much, much larger. A really big one can be 40lbs. Wipers are like saugeye (walleye/sauger hybrid), are a cross of a white bass and a Striper. Here is a link to a guide with some photos.
  20. Let me see if I read this corectly. If I go there and pay $9.00 to fish I can take two fish home OR I can get some other food stuffs If I do not keep any fish.

    Not a bad deal.