Bass island report

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  1. Finally found where Bass Island is. Didn't fish though. How or where is a good place to start pluggin'? Any advice would be much appreciated please.
  2. I've never fished there when the water was high. I've waded there in the summer a few times. There should be a trail leading down right to the river from the parking lot. My advice would be to cover as much water as you can until you get a feel for the river. Fishing with a 1/4 oz chartreuse jig (could easily be heavier than that right now) would be a good way to get started, considering the water clarity.

    When the water is higher like this, try to find slack areas near current. That's something you are always going to be looking for no matter how high the river is, but its especially important right now. When the river drops a few feet you are generally going to be fishing closer to the main channel than you wil be right now. The other day I was catching fish within 3 feet of the shore.

    Like I said, I've never fished Bass Island when the water is this high, so I don't know what it looks like. I would not recomend getting in the river right now, for many reasons. You might want to head down the road another mile or so to Avoca. I know there are decent high-water spots there which are pretty safe. Again, there is an obvious trail from the parking lot.

  3. Which Bass Island ????? North,,South ,,OR Middle
  4. Thanks alot dvsb. Gonna try it down there before too long. Not to sure on the north, south or middle. The one in Cincinnati next to the LMR.
  5. Well, this isn't Lake Erie, so N,S or M doesn't apply! ;)
    Fish below the last riffle from the water (wading) toward the north shore.
    As was stated, fish the current breaks, as well as cast up river into the current, and retrieve toward you as it comes down w/current.