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Bass Island 9/1/07

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by GlacierDropsy, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. It was a pretty good day all around. I was flipping through channels when I realized I have the Big Ten network on my DirecTV. Watched the first half of the OSU game and a bit of the Michigan game (which I hope they replay 500 times this week). Decided it was too nice to sit inside all day so I went to an extremely heavily pressured stretch of the LMR without much hopes of catching anything. Fished 2 hours, caught a cigar sized sauger and this fiesty 14.5" smallie on a 3" tube. Heard the final result of the Michigan game when I got in the car, and smiled all the way home.


    Go Blue:D
  2. Nice catch, I'm glad you had some luck out there! I've been there three times and have only caught one saugeye around 3 inches. I always see some really big carp there.

  3. Hey, that is a nice smallie, Bass Island has it's moments, I've caught up to 24" hybrids out of there, middle of the summer!
    Never saw that nice a smallie there though, way to go!
  4. My girlfriend caught about a 12" smallie and a runt that barely got the hook in its mouth the next day in the same area. She was using an olive twister tail with pepper flake, sliding 1/8 oz bullet sinker, thin wire hook that can be pulled straight on a snag (because tying gear for two people all the time takes away from the fishing too much). I had a good looking bronze fish break me off on my fly rod that day as well (I had a brain cramp on that one).
    Since the heat struck, my only success at that spot is fishing slow, on or near bottom, deeper water with fading current just below a more rapid section of current. And I go expecting to get skunked, so any action is a plus.