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  1. I'm looking to take my cousin out Bass fishing either Sunday or Monday, and would like some help, Seems like the lakes I've tried the Bass are either no where near spawning, missing, or just plain not hungry... I'm near Medina, so anything within an hour at the max would be ideal... Portage, Wellington, Spencer, any ideas? I've got the boat this weekend....

  2. Floating worms in the weeds has been working for me


    JTRESS consistently confused

    Portage bite is on! Plastics in the weeds

    Pleasant hill is on! can't go wrong with a crankbait there.

    Wherever you go have fun!
  4. I am taking the maiden voyage to Portage this weekend. Are you guys fishing the weeds at the shore and docks or open water?
  5. Portage Lakes postspawn. Fish the weed flats.
  6. hmm... I assume you can see the weeds from the boat, or via the sonar? I've really honestly only fished the banks for bass, and am trying to learn other tactics (guilty shorebound fisherman all my life!)... so learning how to read for the weeds, contours with our sonar is a new thing to me. I just would love to land a few bass with my cousin :)

    thanks guys!
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    would cat-tails 2-3 feet of em under water hold bass this time of year?
  8. dday, I'm also from Valley City, usually Up-ground Wellington is nice and not too far away. I like to fish the weed beds with a texas or carolina rig. If you have a that sonar it's really helpful for that lake. Went to Spencer not too long ago and caught a few bass on a spinner bait fishing for crappies near the little finger by the parking lot. I've seen guys casting crank baits on the opposite end of that parking lot by all the logs, they bounce the crank bait right off the wood and catch some decent footballs. Although, it seems like everyone's saying Portage...haha. I'm just trying to think of some close spots for ya.