bass flies

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  1. just wondering what some good bass flies I can tie for pond use, I know I have a while to wait but, I want to be ready this year when the time comes. If there is a web site or pics that would be helpful thanks

  2. At this site check out the James Woods Bucktail and Pugliosi's Baitfish -

    Many patterns here -

    Here's an easy and effective subsurface fly for spring. It's basically a bunny leech, but I was taught it as The Hammer. Using a hook like a Gamakatsu
    B10S #2 or #4 tie a tail of rabbit zonker (straight cut) the length of the hook or so past the bend. Then wrap (I think "palmer" is the term) a strip of zonker around the shaft to the eye and tie off. That's it. It hangs a few inches below the surface and will undulate like crazy when stripped in slow jerks. I usually tie them in natural colors, but my PB (6lbs) for LM came on one with a white head and chartreuse tail.