Bass fishing?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Bucho, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. With all the recent rain & more forecasted this week, how
    do you guys thing bass fishing would be on inland/private
    ponds (assuming not too mudded up)?
  2. Bucho
    The bass fishing should be great! Water should be high
    giving the fish more cover and with all the rain, Food!
    Nightcrawlers gallore!!!!! I have a bunch in the puddles in the yard?
    The bass should be very shallow right now! Good luck.


  3. I've hit a private pond a few times lately, generally after rain or between storms. The top water bite has been on fire. I caught three in a row on different bass fly poppers. I didn't have my fly rod with me but I had my tackle box, so I hooked the flies to the line on my spinning rod and the bass blew 'em up. On Sunday I returned and caught a nice one on a top water scum frog. I had another one hit twice but got anxious and pulled it out of his mouth each time. I have some pics of the first trip, but it is on the disposable camera I keep in my tackle box. Gotta get some more fish to get them developed.
  4. Thanks guys, thats all I needed to hear! I'm gonna try and get
    out tonight or tomorrow. I'll let ya know how it goes.