Bass Fishing Success

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by robistro, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Wheres everyone having the best luck BASS fishing this year?
    I myself haven't been having great success, but I've been doing a lot of bank fishing. All of my fishing success has come from the LMR. Fishing from the banks in lakes around this area has been terrible. Only 2 LMB all year and approx. 1lb each.
  2. shadesplace

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    most of my bass have been from private ponds.

    The rest of the totals i have caught have been either at Germantown dam, Caesar Creek or the GMR.

  3. I have been at Rush Run, not sure about bass from the banks, seems most are in the back end of the lake. Most are around 1-2 pounds, but I am going to try a jig in deeper water in the morning
  4. Ajax

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    No matter where I go (GMR or LMR) all I can seem to catch are Sheepheads. It doesn't matter if I'm fishing for catfish or smallies. This is the only fish I can catch with and size to it.
  5. with gas prices now...i've only really fished the stillwater. So far this year's been good at stillwater
  6. Fishing is good for Bass at Acton but is helps to have a boat.