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  1. I have some vacation time scheduled for the first week of July. Luckily the wife has to work on Monday and Tuesday (July 2-3). That means I have Monday and Tuesday to do what I want (ok so I can do what she'll let me do :D ). I'd like to get out and try for some bass and just learn the basics. I think I have a handle on crank baits, buzzbaits, and spinner baits. You just cast those and retrieve. I'd really like to learn how to finese fish. If anyone is interested in teaching me please let me know. I would take that old man that usually goes with me but he will be a little preoccupied those days.
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    what,you don't think i can fish with one hand?:p :D
    i still have some frozen shad,so i could teach you something the others have probably never tried:D :D
    not exactly finessing,but it works,LOL.

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    'I think I have a handle on crank baits, buzzbaits, and spinner baits. You just cast those and retrieve".

    I think you should take a reality check on your "handle";) If that's all there was to fishing those baits everyone fishing would be at the top of the leader board. :)
  4. You're dangerous with two hands. You only double the trouble you can get in when you go to one hand. :D Well I guess if you only used one hand you couldn't get anything caught in both hands. Well maybe you'd be able to figure out a way. :p
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    do you need to learn how to rig? but i mainly use Texas rig, throw it out and let it fall. then twitch it a time or 2 and some more, reel in a little and repeat. fish it slow. watch your line for any movement. your line might not even go tight, the fish could pick it up and come at you. this type of fishing is all about feel though, so a good rod is needed. most of the time you feel a knock,knock,knock when there is a fish on the end of it. any more questions ask me in a Pm ir on this thead.
    over time you will have your own way of working the lure.

    hope it helps.