Bass fishing Caesars Creek?

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  1. How is the Smallmouth and Largemouth fishing at CC? And when is a good time to start fishing each of them?
  2. There are good sized bass in CC but very difficult to find the after the spawn.The best time for me is in the spring from late March to late May.Fall fishing is tough.You have to be lucky enough to get them on a feed.In spring use jig n craw,jig n pig,tubes,spinners,and chatterbaits.Summer is definitely out be cause of heavy lake use.

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    CC can be a very tough lake to find numbers of fish. I have caught a couple smallies out of there but LM are much more abundant. I think the toughest obsticle is the extremely deep & clear water. The zebra muscles have taken over and filter the water clear. If it wasn't for the boat traffic stirring things up I think you could see the bottom in 50 ft of water, that is an exageration of course. DOWNSIZE EVERYTHING for bass, flourocarbon line and long cast help "sneak" up on the fish. Do not expect to go and catch 10 or 20 fish, a good day might be 5 or 10 bites. There are spots that seem to have good woody structure along the shoreline but seem to be void of fish in the summer, I would like to spend more time searching deep water humps and structure but the pleasure boaters make it impossible to sit in the middle of the lake. I tend to stay in some of the "no wake" zones in the summer just to avoid the traffic.