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Bass Fishing at Deer Creek

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Crankbait, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Crankbait

    Crankbait The Sasquatch Hunter

    I went to Deer Creek Lake for the first time on 9/11/04 and had a some success. I fished from 8:45 (the wife went went me) to about 1:00 and caught 3 keeper bass and 1 dink. The largest weighed 4 lb 13 oz :D according to my Rapala digital scale. I caught 2 of the keepers in the large cove on the north side of the lake on crankbaits in about 6 feet of water. I caught the 2 other fish near the dam in about 4 feet of water on a 4" worm. It was a blue bird day and they seemed to stop biting around 10:30 or 11. I also caught a couple of those toothy critters, one was about 14" and the other around 16". This was my first trip to Deer Creek seemed like a nice lake, not too much boat traffic is always a plus. Do they pull this lake down in the fall? If so, when? Anyone who might be willing to share a little info about general fall fish locations in Deer Creek, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm not looking for precise locations, just general fall locations. Do they head into the coves, stay out on the main lake points and drop offs, head up the creek?
  2. try posting this in the centeral forum

    they do pull the lake way down in the fall, can't rember an exact date though

    don't hit deer creek on the weekedn though if you don't like boat traffic

  3. I was also at Deer Creek on 9/11. No fishing, just visiting the lodge with the wife. Spoke with one of the attendents at the front desk about making weekend reservations for a fall fishing trip. They are booked solid through end of October. They did tell me the drawdown starts on Oct 15 and boat launching soon afterwards could be a problem. Don't know anything about the fishing. Had planned to try for the first time this fall but guess I'll wait for spring now. Hope drawdown info. helps you.